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WalterFootball 3/27 mock -- 5 rounds

TE Tyler Eifert
S John Cyprien
CB Robert Alford
NT John Jenkins
S JJ Wilcox
RB Marcus Lattimore
ILB Ty Powell
WR Tavarres King
OLB Walter Stewart

I like reading his mocks because his comments actually make sense most of the time. I also like that he updates it frequently. I could definitely see the draft going this way if these are the players available at our spots. I've been railing against mocks that include Ertz at #31, but Eifert falling that far would be a different story. We make the "luxury" pick and then follow it up with two safeties, a CB, and NT, hitting our needs perfectly, followed by some high-upside project players. Not a bad effort, in my opinion.
While I'm not as high on Cyprien, that draft would be AWESOME. Love the Eifert, alford, Jenkins, Lattimore and King picks. All really good value and big needs. Unfortunately there's no way the draft unfolds like this.
Not a bad mock
Could happen and I'd be delighted. High on Alford, great pick.
Have enjoyed following this mock over the years but it does jump around quite a bit between updates...but I guess most do. It's a lot better than the mocks from December that haven't been updated! I think this would be a good haul.
Eifert and Boldin in the redzone, an Offense Coordinator's dream. So many mocks have us taking Lattimore as a redshirt selection.
I guess I need to do some homework on Alford. It seems a good amount on the Zone really like him
Walter Football 4/19 Ideal 2013 NFL Draft (First Four Rounds):

31. Jonathan Cyprien, S
34. Margus Hunt, DE/DT
61. Johnathan Hankins, NT
74. Darius Slay, CB
93. Travis Kelce, TE
128. Marcus Lattimore,
RB 131. Josh Evans, S
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