Since we're less than a month away from the draft, here are a few mocks that seem to be pretty much on-target and realistic. All are at least 3 rds. They take different approaches to get to the same result, for the most part. Heavy emphasis on DL, secondary, a TE, RB, QB, OT. I've assigned stars (1-5) to rate each one from my perspective. Take a look, see what you think.

Charlie Campbell's: 5 rd draft **** 1/2

Draft Tek Consensus: 7 rd draft **** 1/2

Walter's Football: 5 rd draft *** 1/2

Real Sports Hype: 4 rd draft ****

Football Fan Spot: 4 rd draft *** 1/2

Profootball4me: 3 rd draft ****

NFL Draft Blitz: 5 rd draft *** 1/2

NE Patriots Draft: 3 rd draft ****

Section 26 Sports: 7 rd draft *** 1/2