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ABs Second and Final WebZone Mock Draft - Discussion thread, NO MORE SPOTS LEFT

I want to do one last mock draft like we always do. 16 GMs, each take 2 teams. You guys choose. We will do 3 rounds, trades allowed, but realistic trades, no trades between the 2 teams you have.

I want to take the 49ers for once, so I choose SF and MIN.

AB- 49ers and Vikings
IdahoNiner- Rams and Dolphins
OrlandoNinerFan- Broncos and Buccaneers
Chauncey- Jaguars and Cowboys
greatnessjohnson- Bengals and Browns
BoiseNiner- Jets and Steelers
Mr.McGibblets- Chiefs and Saints
ParkingLotPimpin- Cardinals and Titans
AllTimeGreat- Eagles and Chargers
mayo49- Falcons and Seahawks
Ghost- Raiders and Ravens
mrcrab49er- Patriots and Packers
Jimmy49er- Lions and Redskins
Otis- Texans and Bills
eonblue- Bears and Giants
EezyNiner- Colts and Panthers

1st Round:
1 Chiefs Mr.McGibblets
2 Jaguars Chauncey
3 Raiders Ghost
4 Eagles AllTimeGreat
5 Lions Jimmy49er
6 Browns greatnessjohnson
7 Cardinals ParkingLotPimpin
8 Bills Otis
9 Jets BoiseNiner
10 Titans ParkingLotPimpin
11 Chargers AllTimeGreat
12 Dolphins IdahoNiner
13 Buccaneers OrlandoNinerFan
14 Panthers eezyniner
15 Saints Mr.McGibblets
16 Rams IdahoNiner
17 Steelers BoiseNiner
18 Cowboys Chauncey
19 Giants eonblue
20 Bears eonblue
21 Bengals greatnessjohnson
22 Rams (f/Redskins) IdahoNiner
23 Vikings AB
24 Colts eezyniner
25 Vikings (f/Seahawks) AB
26 Packers MrCrab49ers
27 Texans Otis
28 Broncos OrlandoNinerFan
29 Patriots MrCrab49ers
30 Falcons Mayo49
31 49ers AB
32 Ravens Ghost

2nd Round:
33 Jaguars Chauncey
34 49ers (f/Chiefs) AB
35 Eagles AllTimeGreat
36 Lions Jimmy49ers
37 Bengals (f/Raiders) greatnessjohnson
38 Cardinals ParkingLotPimpin
39 Jets BoiseNIner
40 Titans ParkingLotPimpin
41 Bills Otis
42 Dolphins IdahoNiner
43 Buccaneers OrlandoNinerFan
44 Panthers eezyniner
45 Chargers AllTimeGreat
46 Rams IdahoNiner
47 Cowboys AllTimeGreat
48 Steelers BoiseNiner
49 Giants eonblue
50 Bears eonblue
51 Redskins Jimmy49ers
52 Vikings AB
53 Bengals greatnessjohnson
54 Dolphins (f/Colts) IdahoNiner
55 Packers MrCrabs49ers
56 Seahawks Mayo49
57 Texans Otis
58 Broncos OrlandoNinerFan
59 Patriots MrCrabs49ers
60 Falcons Mayp49
61 49ers AB
62 Ravens Ghost
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Ill take Miami and Minnesota this time around.
NVM, i just realized you took minny, ill take Miami and St. Louis.
Ill take Denver and Tampa Bay
I'll take Jacksonville and Dallas.
By the way, is anyone going to do a "You are on The Clock" draft?
i"ll take bengals and browns
Jets and Steelers please.
I would take the Chiefs and Saints.
Everyone is in that has mentioned teams, so far we have 7 members signed up, still need 9 more.

Tards and Titans
Eagles and Chargers.
Raiders and the Ravens pro favor.
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Atlanta and Seattle
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Originally posted by mayo49:
Atlanta and Miami

Taken already. As are the Vikings. lol
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