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Draft Capital Mock

Obviously predicting draft day trades is practically impossible, but that didn't stop me from putting my imagination to work. Below is my take on a good day of putting our considerable draft capital to work.

Trade up: (34) and 2014 2nd Round Pick to Vikings for (23):
1 (23): Sylvester Williams DE/DT – North Carolina

I'm afraid Sylvester Williams may even be out of reach in the early 20's in another month, but if he's there I think he'd be worth giving up next year's #2 to move up. Good chance we end up with KC's 2nd round pick, so essentially we'd be trading Alex Smith for Sylvester Williams and we could erase the stench of the last DE we picked from North Carolina.

1 (31): Jesse Williams NT/DT – Alabama

Yes, back-to-back Williams'. Hopefully he can come in and make an immediate impact and set up a solid rotation for years to come.

Trade up: (61) and (93) for mid-2nd rounder (48+/-):
2 (48+/-): Jamar Taylor CB/S – Boise State

Move up again to grab a tenacious corner. There should be lots of solid options at DB in this range. This guy would be my choice. He doesn't have the optimal size but he's a tough press corner who can play zone as well.

3 (74-Car): Phillip Thomas S – Fresno State

We hold tight with #74 and Phillip Thomas falls in our lap. In a perfect world Thomas keeps Dahl on the bench.

Trade up: (128) and (157-Ind) for mid-4th rounder (110+/-):
4 (110+/-): Chris Harper WR – Kansas State

We move up one more time when this underrated WR slips into the 4th round. Yes he's very much in the same mold of Crabtree and Boldin, but Boldin is an aging short timer and are we sure Crabtree wants to stay a 49er beyond his rookie deal? Harper was originally recruited by Chip Kelly to play QB at Oregon before transferring to KSU. He could be a steal here.

4 (131-comp): Cornelius Washington OLB/DE – Georgia

Throw him into the mix in competition with Haralson, Fleming and Johnson for 3rd and or 4th OLB. Minor character concerns.

5 (164): Zac Dysert QB – Miami OH

- Developmental QB for Harbaugh to mold

6 (180-Mia): Matt Fursetnburg TE – Maryland

– Good athletic pass catcher. Will need to work on his run blocking.

7 (227-Cin): OL

7 (237): ILB

7 (246-comp): DB

7 (252-comp): RB
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Well if Harbaalke think it's good to trade up to get their guys than I'm fine with it. Personally though I'd rather keep our early picks unless it is absolutely necessary for us to trade up. I'd like to see us trade some of our later picks in the 6th and 7th round and try to get back into the 5th or 4th round. I think the draft has a lot of depth in the middle.
Wouldn't be upset with the draft
Would be mad giving up our 2nd next year to move up 11 spots.
Originally posted by Travisty13:
Would be mad giving up our 2nd next year to move up 11 spots.

True, but we should have KC's 2nd as well . . . plus a boat load of relatively high compensatory picks from all of our FA losses this year.
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