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OnTheClock's Mock Premiere 3/23/13

If our first two picks are Reid and either Williams or Datone Jones, I'll be really happy. I also really want Lattimore in the 4th.
I like this draft. Reid and Slay would be nice. And you sold me on Jesse Williams. Also like how the center and tight end position were addressed with solid players. Also like Joe Kruger later in the draft.
Originally posted by jb49ers80:
If our first two picks are Reid and either Williams or Datone Jones, I'll be really happy. I also really want Lattimore in the 4th.

Super draft!!
We don't need 14 players, find a way to get d.Jones, Reid and Williams. Lattimore is worth a 4th. Add a kicker late.
would take it, but can see them trading a 5th for a next year pick
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Originally posted by blm7754:
Originally posted by ninergold:
This is a really nice job, OTC. The entire top of your list covers needs, with thoughtful choices. NT and S are the most immediate opportunities for playing time and with Roger's big contract, another corner is needed in addition to DWalk's replacement. I would have rather drafted another OL, than more WR's. If Mario and KW come back sound, I dont see any spots except for the PS.

Again, Mario isn't likely to be available till mid-season... and expecting to still perform at the same level is simply unrealistic.

And KW, he's somebody that we can easily find an upgrade for.

I hate how everybody here puts all this faith in our injured or scrub backup receivers but doesn't have faith in our 2012 draft picks (Looney, Robsinson, Fleming, Johnson).
Agreed, blm.
I really think the Super Bowl created a kind of Men in Black neuralyzer where folks have forgotten about the regular season when the defense was great. We don't need 15 backups for Justin. Vernon Davis could just as easily suffer an injury as Aldon, Justin and Ahmad did last year. How about an injury to Crabtree or Boldin?
Originally posted by Butter:
Originally posted by IdahoNiner:
Love the Williams and Schwenke pics.

I would personally take Thomas, and Alford over Reid and Slay. Personal Preferance there.

I would also take Ace sanders in the sixth, and the Kaufman in the seventh instead of Wilson and Dunn. Personal Preferance again.

Overall i could be happy if the draft went something like this, i ahree with areas of position, just not necissarily players.

No way to Ace Saunders. He's this years Brandon Williams. Small and slow. Dunn is a far superior pick. I was very happy to see him in your mock OTC. He's my favorite late round sleeper for a returner by far.

People can say hes small and slow all they want, hes not a track star, but he will shake tacklers out of their cleats. He ran a 4.53, who cares. Any one who watched him run at the combine could tell he lacked proper technique when it comes to 40 yard times on a track.

The guy is a baller, and is gonna supprise people with the numbers he puts up in the NFL as a return man, even though it really shouldnt be a suprise. Guy makes people look silly on the football field.
I'd be down with this draft for sure! Fills many needs.
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I'm jacked.
Great mock. I think Dorsey is going to play NT so I would draft D.Jones over J. Williams.
I expect us to draft a RB that can be an every down player

Originally posted by mayo49:
I'm jacked.

I appreciate the kind words, everybody. Really, thank you.

Originally posted by LieutKaffee:
Originally posted by OnTheClock:
Thanks, folks.

Originally posted by Montana1977:
love this draft,I think Reid will be better than Vaccaro.

Williams and Jenkins are my two top DL options for us at 31

I have that same feeling. I also have a feeling that if we truly expect Dorsey to start at the nose, then one of the first two picks will be DE instead of NT, and we look for NT depth a little later.

In this comment you imply you like Reid better than Vaccaro, but in your OP you say Reid is your favorite "After Vaccaro." I'm curious which player you actually think (1) is a better fit for our system, (2) is a more solid year 1 starter, and (3) has more upside. The answer to all three may not be the same.

My follow-up question is whether you would advocate trading up for Vaccaro if he somewhat unexpectedly fell into the mid-20s.

Other than that, the most interesting comment in your mock was about the 49ers not loving the DE talent in rounds 2-3 aside from the blue-chip guys they can't get their hands on. I hadn't thought of it that way, but you're right that the free agent activity points in that direction. I may rethink my selection of Kawann Short in my mock draft, but I will ask you the question I asked MD elsewhere: What are your feelings on him as a prospect for the 49ers?

I go back and forth between the two. I would rather have us wait for Reid. I think Reid is a better fit for our system. I think Vaccaro has the more refined game now with more experience and better recognition skills, but I see Reid as a higher-upside player. Vaccaro is a bit quicker in coverage but a tad slower in straight-line speed than Reid and I think Reid tackles better. I think both could potentially have solid first years. It will be interesting to see where these guys wind up -- but I'd be very happy with Reid.

Now as for Kawann Short. The guy is an tremendous football player. Superb hand-battler and very, very smart. He does a great job of baiting OL, getting them off balance and then punching them out of the way for a free run at the QB. I tell you what, I like the moves he has to get off of linemen and I think that array of moves coupled with his athleticism is going to make him at least a solid pro DL. I do question how well he fits a standard 3-4. As a 4-3 DL, he's a heck of a prospect, and to us, because we switch so much, it probably wouldn't matter and he would be a good pick still. Would not mind at all if we picked him.
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I seriously doubt that team will overlook the "alleged character questions surrounding" Marquess Wilson.

First, Wilson was suspended indefinitely for violating unspecified team rules.

Then Wilson quit the team and released a statement in which he claimed that under Cougars head coach Mike Leach physical, emotional and verbal abuse (is) being allowed in the locker room and on the field.

Later, Wilson sent the Washington State athletic director a text message saying that he had not observed any physical abuse in the locker room or on the field.

Both the school and the conference investigated the charges, and cleared the head coach and staff of any wrongdoing.

Baalke and Harbaugh have made it clear that a player's attitude is one of the predominate factors in their evaluations.

The facts, that we know, are:

Wilson was suspended. He quit the team.

He made very serious charges with legal ramifications. The school and conference investigated his charges and cleared the staff.

Does he sound like a player either Baalke or Harbaugh want?
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Very nice mock! I particularly like the order of the picks by position as I believe you have the long term need in the correct rounds. I don't see Baalke picking players to play immediately, but as long term, best player available. This gives him more flexibility and filling in with short term FAs is reasonable. That is one reason Reid makes sense even though there may be more NFL ready players available...his upside is likely higher.

My only problem might be with two late picks at WR...but since I really like picking a center, S, CB, and DL--don't have much to disagree with...unless a really good WR is available in the 4th round.
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All and all a good draft

1. Jesse Williams-NT-Alabama

2. Eric Reid-FS-LSU

2. Darius Slay-CB-Mississippi State

3. Brian Schwenke-C/OG-California I see Kilgore taking over at center. Maybe Bennie Logan in this spot.

3. Travis Kelce-TE-Cincinnati

4. Bennie Logan-DE-LSU I do not think he will last to the fourth, but love it if he does.

4. Gerald Hodges-LB-Penn State

5. Chase Thomas-OLB-Stanford

5. Reid Fragel-OT-Ohio State

6. Marquess Wilson-WR-Washington State

7. Cody Davis-SS-Texas Tech

7. Joe Kruger-DE-Utah I would go with Nick Williams from Samford.

7. Reggie Dunn-WR/KR-Utah not sure we need a replica of Ginn. We have others to return punts.

7. Vernon Kearney-CB-Lane I would look for a late falling OLB with pass rushing skills maybe Quanterus Smith
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