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Drafttek Mock Draft Computer Sim

31) Tyler Eifert TE Notre Dame
34) Jonathan Jenkins DT/NT Georgia
61) Philip Thomas FS Fresno State
74) Margus Hunt DE SMU
93) Robert Lester SS Alabama
128) EJ Manual QB Florida State
131) Tyrann Mathieu CB LSU

This is a computer simulation that factors in team needs based on those supplied by a team reporter. I liked the picks it predicted for a lot of teams. There were also some glaring snubs like ranking Tavon Austin, Kawaan Short and Jonathan Banks as late second rounders. An interesting note about Eifert. In most mock drafts as of late, many had Eifert going to the Bears at #20. But they just signed Martellus Bennett. If there is a run on DL's and receivers late in the first round, it's possible Eifert could drop right in our laps. I think we would have to draft him at that point.

Personally, I'd be if things went this way. But we all know Baalke will make some trades, so most likely we won't be picking in those spots
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LOL EJ Manuel ain't gonna fall that far.

I'll be surprised if he made it past round 2
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I'll be very surprised if their first three picks are not all defense.
Hunt in the 3rd round would be ridiculous, this draft would be a dream, unless we actually got the players this sim shows in the 2nd/3rd rounds though I don't want a TE with the 1st round pick or #34
If Eifert is the best player available on Baalke's board at 31, take him. With 14 picks, and 5 in the first 3 rounds, we can fill whatever needs we have.

Eifert is an upgrade over Walker and at 6' 5" a much better red zone threat. Last year, we ran 2 TE sets about 60% so he can contribute from day one.
Any mock that has Austin as a late 2nd rounder cannot be taken seriously
I would LOVE this draft. Not going to happen tho
this draft would be crazy good for us and i would be so stoked if t fell this way but it wont
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I like most of the positions/picks, but since the first pick was a TE, I will wish that computer to go straight to hell!
If we draft a #2 TE with the 31st pick that would be worse than drafting A.J. Jenkins in the first round last year.
My opinion.
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Originally posted by BigBug415:
If we draft a #2 TE with the 31st pick that would be worse than drafting A.J. Jenkins in the first round last year.
My opinion.

Its not the same thing...AJ was an off the board pick,Eifert is a top notch TE prospect(the best TE in the draft)
he would add another big time weapon to our offense
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