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Developmental WR with high ceiling

I'm personally a fan of Connor Vernon natural catcher, runs solid routes and is football smart i wouldnf mind using a 5-6 rounder on him but I know most of you want a big down field threat. I know this is a wr thread but a te catches too lol I like justice Cunningham as a late pick as well haven't watched alot of his highlights but did of what I've seen.
Originally posted by buck:
I think we need to look for more than a developmental wide receiver in this draft.

Crabtree and Boldin is a solid combo of receivers, but our depth behind them seems to be very shallow.

Perhaps, I am being overly pessimistic, but the chances that Manningham, our #3 receiver, will be able to contribute next year do not appear good. More importantly, we will not know that the draft.

Counting on Kyle Williams to become a solid #3 wide receiver is like me counting on having sex with the the gorgeous young woman in the apartment next to mine. She is really friendly, but it just is not going to happen.

Williams' injury does not preoccupy me as much as he lack of production.
In three years, he has had 35 receptions for 461 yards; which is almost identical to the production we got from Manningham last year.

That is a fair point. It is really rolling the dice to rely on Manningham and Williams. Boldin is old and the chance that he breaks down is not insignificant. However, there is also a decent chance the Niners draft another TE.

That would give the Niners

WR: Crabtree, Boldin, Jenkins
TE: Davis, rookie
RB: Gore, Hunter, James

That is a lot of players who can catch the ball and who will definitely want touches.

To be honest, I was really high on targeting a WR at 31 or 34, but the more I think about the bust factor with a WR and the fact that they took Jenkins last year, I'm hoping they target other positions early.

My ideal situation would be Da'Rick Rogers with their second 3rd rounder.
Originally posted by lordsilva25:
Kind of reminds me oh JJ Stokes

D*MN so forgot about that bust ... seems like we stuck with him forever hoping he would turn it around ...
Originally posted by Wodwo:

Draft Chris Harper and stick him under Boldin's wing.

Harper may also be able to fill some of Delanie's vacated responsibilities.
Aaron Dobson FTW
Originally posted by tatdwolf49:
D*MN so forgot about that bust ... seems like we stuck with him forever hoping he would turn it around ...
Originally posted by Butter:
Now that the Niners have signed Bolden, I think we can lock in the starting WR depth chart with Crabtree and Boldin. Barring injury or a dramatic fall off of productivity, I do not think many rookies will break into that mold. Also, assuming that Jenkins steps up this year (crosses fingers) he should hopefully improve his production. Combining all of that with the potential return of Manningham and Williams and the importance of the TE position, the Niners don't really have to reach for a WR IMHO.

However, looking down the road, Crabtree's next contract expectations will be HUGE. Boldin has a limited number of years left, and there is no way of knowing how productive Manningham and Williams will be.

Finallly, WR take time to develop. There is a common conception that it can take up to three seasons to really determine how good they really are.

I believe that the Niners should draft a development WR, probably in the 4th or 5th round. I'd like to see someone who is purely a WR on the outside with some decent speed and a redzone target. If Darick Rogers falls to the late 3rd, he would be a good option, or if they package late picks and move up, that'd be great too.

Who are the best mid round prospects at WR who could challenge for a starting spot in the next few years?

For some reason, harbaugh really likes Ricardo Lockett.
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