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Dynasty Mock v1.0 with a lot of trades

Niners will not trade up past 20 too many good players this year in the first 3 rounds Niners could draft Reed in the 2ND and Swearinger in the 3rd round I'd be happy with them back there it's all about pressure D~ line 1st round
I see no good reason to trade up in the 1st rd whatsoever...way too expensive. Instead, stand pat with # 31 & 34 picks but trade "excess" picks in mid-late rds to get into rds 2 & 3 where the biggest talent pool is. Baalke should come away w/7 blue-chippers...pretty much game over at that point. If any picks are left, use for depth/PS only.
I like Vaccaro but think Cyprien has more upside.
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