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Trade our 1st round pick next year, for a 2nd round pick this year??

Originally posted by Jakemall:
The smart move would be to trade out of some of our picks this year for higher picks next year.

what about both? we could trade 2014 1st for a 2nd. then trade our 3rds for 2nds next year, for example. Would leave us with no 1st next year, but 4 2nds. If it allowed us to target a specific player for this year, why not?
This is what the San Diego Chargers did. It is insane!!! why would you do that?? It makes zero sense, especially when next years draft has more talent. Now if next years draft had less talent and this draft was deep, it might make sense.
Originally posted by NeeJ49er:
I know we have a stockpile of picks this year , and I hope we package some late round picks to get into the 4th round again .....

but what would you guys say if we traded our #1 next year, for a 2nd round pick this year?

I know it sounds greedy, and a borderline shoot from the hip kind of move , but this is a very deep draft , we could easily shore things up with the picks we have now, but an additional 2nd rounder would be a nice luxury, maybe we could even grab another QB to groom for down the road, another quality pass rusher, a big physical corner, an explosive tight end to team with Davis ....we have a chance to build a serious ass kicking machine, and after losing the superbowl , we are in win now mode, everyone will be aiming to beat us down, and we could be deep at every single position and have the players to do a lot of things others team could only dream of doing

just an idea ...whats your opinion??? flamethrowers please

If someone fell that they really loved, on top of the selections they already made in the 31-34 range, why not?

I know everyone seems to think that this is a bad way to build a team long term, especially when we have so many picks otherwise. But, consider last years team (year before). We were the best team in the NFL when we lost to the Giants. Only the resurgence of Kaep leads people to think that our window is big. But you never know what each year will bring. Hell, Willis could be struck by a meteor and then what do you do?

You make moves to win while your window is here. I'm not worried about rolling over picks every year so that we have 20 picks in 2018.... we want to win now, we have the players to win now, if someone falls and is worth it, Baalke should make the move
More likely Baalke working on stock-piling picks for next yr with an eye on CLOWNEY aka the next Lawrence Taylor!!!
Oh No. The other way around. We want to stockpile picks. With an abundance of picks, we can target certain "49ers" and even trade down more and trade 'out' more bevause of having so many picks to rely on.

I don't like the late round trade ups too much like the Kilgore deal. We lost two picks and its a crapshoot with late rounders. The goid thing is that Baalke hits on those late rounders sometimes.

But the value will/should always be to mirror last years draft: trade down and trade 'out'
Originally posted by nickbradley:
Originally posted by CorvaNinerFan:
We already have two 2nd don't trade a 1st rd pick unless you're in dire straights, and the Niners are nowhere near that.

Exactly, this is foolish.

If anything, we will trade back 10 - 15 spots and pick up a 2014 3rd rounder as compensation.

I love this thinking!
Don't think this option exists for Baalke.
No way....

I would love to get another 2nd rounder in this draft, and I think we will. We could get another 2nd rounder by trading up from 74 without giving up next years 1st. We could do the following:

Trade pick 74 (3rd round) and pick 95 (3rd round) to the Dolphins for the 54th pick (2nd round).


Trade pick 74 (3rd round), our 4th, and our 5th (from the Colts) to the Patriots for the 59th pick (2nd round).
I would love to see the reaction of the entire universe if we trade next year's 1st round pick to get a QB this year!

I'm pretty much never a fan of doing that. The only time I'd be cool with it is if we were desperate for a franchise QB, which we clearly aren't.

Why would we want to move up in a deep draft that isn't great at the top? We have 7 picks in the first 4 rounds. That's 7 picks at spots that have a good chance for impact players.

I wouldn't mind moving up once or twice to grab someone we really like that has slipped, but only using this years picks (& maybe including late future picks). With our plethora of picks, I'd be much more inclined to not use'em if there isn't someone we love at the spot and start hoarding for next year. We should aim to have more/higher picks than everyone every year.
NO Way
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Originally posted by mug0mug:
We have 7 picks in the first 4 rounds. That's 7 picks at spots that have a good chance for impact players.

Have the comp picks been awarded?

If not we have 6 picks in the first four rounds.

I am going to wait just a bit before counting our picks.
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with the spot that we're on, I'm all for trading away our 1st round and land a 2nd rounder (middle) and another pick in next year's draft...
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