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Cooper Mock Draft 5.0

Originally posted by dlance:
I like the first 3 picks then i would start making changes. I would not draft 2 CB and 2 saftys I would not draft a RB in the third. I do understand that gore is not going to play forever and he has 1 or 2 more years. still maybe draft a RB next year, not this year.

Essentially by drafting Lattimore this year, you'd be drafting a RB for next year.. He'll be on IR all year.. Pretty much just drafting really good value for next year
Originally posted by Hammerthrow99:
This is my favorite mock so far. Phillip Thomas is my favorite safety in this class and I'd love to see him in San Fran!

Originally posted by PhillyNiner:
Bravo favorite mock all year.

I wouldn't draft a DL who couldn't play anywhere on the line...that's what makes Justin Smith so valuable...he can play wherever Fangio plugs him in. To that end, I'd go, what the heck, I've avoided doing a mock, but here's something of a strawman of first 3 rds:

1- Sylvester Williams. 6-3, 315, plays DE, DT, great quickness
2a - Matt Elam, S. Has the overall skill to play FS (I do like Phillip Thomas a lot, though)
2b - Jamar Taylor, CB. Excellent skills and very fast (4.39)
3a - Chase Thomas, OLB. 5th yr Stanford player, good burst from outside. Very sure tackler...knows Fangio's base defense.
3b - Marcus Davis, WR. 6-4, 230+ beast who could replace Walker, in essence. Dude ran 4.45 X 40.
3c - Like the Lattimore pick. Harbaugh won't need him 'til 2014 season, most likely. Very tough RB.
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