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What about trading up for FS Kenny Vaccaro

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Originally posted by Frisco69ers:
we could trade both our 2nds 34, 63, as well as our 4th rounder and make it up to about the 18-19th overall pick. (based on the draft pick value chart)

19th: FS Kenny Vaccaro Texas
31st: DE Datone Jones UCLA

I know its a pipe dream guys, but it would be sweet!

No thanks.
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Originally posted by SanFranFanfrmVa:
No way. I'd rather have Elam or Cyprien and keep the picks. We have more needs then just safety.

I agree we should not trade up

Dashon Goldson played free safety.

Does it make any difference that both Elam and Cyprien are strong safeties?

Vacarro is a fine safety, but in my opinion is a better slot corner. His tackling leaves much to be desired, and he isn't much of a playmaker. To be honest, he disappears at safety at times, and really makes a name for himself with his ability to play in the slot. Given his lack of timed speed, i'm not sure that's something he could do in the NFL.
All top 5 safeties in the Draft are pretty damn good. Trading up for Kenny Voccaro would be a waste of picks.
I think we need 2 trade pick #34 a 4th round N 2 7th round picks to jump up a few spots N get D.Jones a few teams picking between 25-30 that may want Jones N we need him cowboy needs help N rest N at #31 take best CB maybe banks cause Jacksonville blow up there CBs so if banks is there at #33 they may take him...then #61 take best FS/as like Reid or in Wilcox or best pass rusher remember ravens lost OLB N may jump at OLB/PASS RUSHER Brandon Jenkins at #62 N JJ Wilcox or Thomas could be got at #74..
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Originally posted by Hopper:
There really isn't a huge dropoff from Vaccaro to Eric Reid.

I think Vaccaro's size makes him more valueable
Honey Badger
#34 Eric Reid
Mid 2nd round Phillip Thomas
#74 Baccari Rambo

So no, we have no need to trade up for Vaccaro.

Only people we should trade up for are Tavon Austin and Sheldon Richardson if they drop into the twenties.
I kind of like the idea of trading up. We won't keep 10+ rookies and we can really get a game changer
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The safety out of Fresno State is gonna be the best when it's all said and done

Originally posted by jreff22:
wont need to IMO

If you're saying you think he'll be available at 31, I disagree.
I'd MUCH rather trade up a bit for Dateone or even more for Sheldon.
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I like the idea of trading up to grab a DB like Vaccaro or a good corner. But I would keep our second rounders and trade first rounders along with a 3rd or 4th rounder to move up a few spots to grab whoever falls.

Another kind of unrelated thing that I would like is if we packaged our 3rd and 4th rounders together in trade to get another 2nd rounder.

This is all assuming we don't solve this in FA.
Also agree with most in this thread. No need to trade up for KV.
I seriously doubt Harbaalke would see the value trading up for a S...historically, they just don't take one that early. Last time they did was '92, when they drafted Dana Hall. Also have to remember, both Trent Robinson and Michael Thomas will be competing for FS, too. It's not like the cupboard's bare. I think Baalke's stands pat at #31, where I'd love to see him draft Sly Williams, a big, versatile DL who'd provide Fangio some quality depth inside and out. S could be the position at #34.
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