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KID9R 2013 Draft + FA Mock

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Originally posted by CorvaNinerFan:
Applaud the effort...just a few things, though. Why would we retain Sopoaga if we're signing SLH and drafting NT Williams. Wasted cap space. As others have pointed out, some of the players you selected aren't likely to be on the S Thomas. Don't see him lasting 'til the 74th pick. Brock...don't see him getting cut, Harbaugh likes him and he's still a young CB and is very good ST'er. Dixon...only real big RB we the limited carries he got last season, he did well. Another ace ST'er. Manningham, injury settlement? It's possible, I suppose, but there's no reason he shouldn't be able to play next season. I don't think Goldson's coming back, unless it's with his tail between his legs because nobody wants to pay him $8M a season. The move I'd make is to sign Glover Quin, a former CB who's now a very good SS...then you cut Whitner to basically pay Quin's salary. That leaves a whole at FS, but one Thomas should be able to fill (but they'll likely have to take him considerably earlier than #74). Wilhoite's another guy Harbaugh likes...terrific ST'er but also valuable depth at ILB. He's earned respect from his teammates because he worked his butt off to be a contributor to the team. I'm not a Margus Hunt guy...especially not when you're also taking Datone Jones. I'm not sure either guy is stout enough to play DE in the 3-4. My plan would be to draft one of the "bigs" Sylvester Williams, for example...315-320 lbs, plays inside and out and is really quick. There aren't many in the 285-290 range who can generate the kind of push JS does. I like the Josh Johnson and SLH signings...both positions of need. Instead of the WR from Buffalo, I'd go after CB Sean Smith...he'd give some real size to the secondary and is a good cover guy. I believe he and Quin would be substantially better investments than Goldson. Lots of different ways the rest of the off-season could go...the fact Baalke has many options is a good thing. You could be right with many of your picks, trades, FA's, etc.

"Why would we retain Sopoaga if we're signing SLH and drafting NT Williams"

Because Sop is insurance against Injury to either position as well as possibly starting the season @ NT because Jones and Williams are rookies and SLH has never played 3-4 NT or 3-4 DE. All unproven at the position. We don't want JS or Mcdonald playing 95 ish % of the snaps again.

"Brock...don't see him getting cut, Harbaugh likes him"

Seriously? What player has Harbaugh not liked while they were on the team? Just figured that there was a reason Cox was higher on the depth chart than Brock.
lol busting my balls on the 5th CB OK let's keep Brock.

" I suppose, but there's no reason he shouldn't be able to play next season"

I agree he could play sometime next year. But how soon? He got hurt pretty late in the season, he makes a lot of money and I think we need a veteran WR to be able start day one if our young WR group doesn't step up.

"I don't think Goldson's coming back," " The move I'd make is to sign Glover Quin"

Ya like I stated it doesn't look good for Goldson to come back. But you're making the same suggestion I did except signing Quin instead of the superior Goldson. Quin won't be that much cheaper and Goldson knows the system.

" Wilhoite's another guy Harbaugh likes...terrific ST'er but also valuable depth at ILB

This year instead of only keep 3 OLB's and having Brooks and Aldon get warn out. I have us keeping 5, Where Fleming, Jonhson and Collins would be core ST'ers. How often do our ILB's have to sub out because their gassed almost never. And If 2 ILB's get hurt in the same game we can play dime or move Brooks inside where he used to play.

"I'm not a Margus Hunt guy...especially not when you're also taking Datone Jones"

My post says Jones OR Hunt, whoever is still there. Not Both. And I would rather Jones.

"Instead of the WR from Buffalo, I'd go after CB Sean Smith"

??? And what, move him to WR? We don't have to room (cap or roster) for Sean Smith.

It's all guessing anyway right? I do like the feedback, thanks
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Sean Smith goin to best a hott high demand CB 7+mill a yr we can't do that ....
You talk about not enough cap space for Sean Smith, but you'd keep 3 NT's? FYI, Brock was just tendered a 1-yr contract. Quin's a SS and going into his 4th don't think he'll be considerably cheaper than $8M a year...really? As for Manningham, his Dr has stated he sees no reason he shouldn't be ready for the regular season. Lots of WR's have come back from injuries. Granted, his injury was fairly serious, but I've heard nothing about him not being ready to go when the bell rings. Wilhoite...could be more valuable ILB b/u combined w/ST's than Grant...gotta keep at least one of 'em. I don't see either Hunt or Jones being stout enough to play DE in our 3-4. No reason to draft a raw player like Hunt who's acknowledged to be a project with your 1st rd pick. Jones is a much more polished player, but again, can he hold up vs the 320 lb OT's he'll be going up against? Can he play DT? I doubt it, which is why a player like Sylvester Williams makes so much sense with his size, versatility and quickness. I'll ignore your sarcastic comment about Sean Smith playing WR...that's not what I said nor meant. I was talking about spending whatever cap space Baalke has to acquire a big CB who can cover. Sure, you have to pay for an impact player like a what? Baalke has options to cut Whitner, Rogers, and others. Will he, who knows. When you weigh a 25-yr old CB just coming into his prime against Rogers, who'll be 32 next season, I think it's a good move. Somewhat doubtful they'd cut Carlos, I just use him as an example. There are other cuts that could happen to free up more cap space...Goodwin (@$4.75M, Haralson ($2.87M), Whitner ($4.1M)...that's @ $12M right there. Here's a link to an interesting article that talks about potential player cuts and the impact it'd have on the cap:, and yes, Manningham's one of 'em. I'd agree, they'll need another WR...maybe two. Good draft for them...we'll see who Harbaalke likes. Wouldn't mind a solid FA, either. Again, my point was to get quality & value whether it's via the draft or FA, no matter the position. Sean Smith represents that, so see no reason Baalke might not take a shot at him.
We kinda think alike


CB Tramaine Brock

Sign Free Agents

WR Joe Hasting

WR David Nelson Bills

OT/G Ramon Harewood Ravens

DT Terrance Knighton Jaguar

CB Mike Jenkins Cowboys

FS Glover Quin Texans

DE Israel Idonije Bears

QB Josh Johnson

2013 draft 49ers mock

Round 1 Datone Jones DE UCLA

Round 2 Jonathan Cyprien SS FIU

Round 2 Robert Woods WR USC

Round 3 Jamie Collins DE/OLB South Miss

Round 3 Terry Hawthorne, CB, Illinois

Round 4 Kniles Davis RB Arkansas

Round 5 Kwame Geathers NT Georgia

Round 5 Nico Johnson ILB Alabama

Round 5 Dustin Hopkins K FSU compensatory pick

Round 6 Brandon Ford TE Clemson aka Delanie Walker

Round 6 Joseph Fauria, TE, UCLA compensatory picks

Round 7 Elvis Fisher, OT, Missouri compensatory picks

With the other 3 picks we have trade them for picks in 2014.
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Yeah I saw your mock, it looked pretty good. Not a real big fan of Terence Knighton though. He got benched this year. But you're Knile Davis pick in the fourth is probably a little more realistic than me taking him in the sixth. IMO Chris Culliver is by far better a corner than Mike Jenkins let alone Rogers and Brown. And that's the reason Mike Jenkins wanted to be traded at the start of this season because he wanted to be a starter
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