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Trade pick 34 for 2014 1st rd pick?

Trade pick 34 for 2014 1st rd pick?

Best idea I have heard in a while.
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Since we can't use all of our picks this year, I think it does make sense to trade picks this year for higher picks next year. Trading pick #34 for a pick that will be between #1 and #32 next year makes sense to me. Heck, I would trade pick #31 for a chance at a higher pick next year.
Originally posted by RollinWith21n52:
But we could be sacraficing a top 10 pick next year. If, say Buffalo, wants to secure Nassib at 34 and are willing to trade next year's pick, or the Jets are desperate to add new talent with Revis leaving and don't look at next year (as they may no longer be employed by that time), then we may even have a chance of securing a top 5 pick! The idea that we need NEW TALENT NOW is always valid! You can say that every year. We're arguably the most talented team in the league and are holding 15 draft picks--with as many as 6 in the top 100! If this isn't the year to trade away an early pick, then when is? You must think about the future, not just the now. This could be a matter of Kwan Short now vs. Clowney in 2014 (I know that's a long shot).
If a team is going to trade us their first round pick next year, then it's going to be a team that is very confident in their chances to compete and win a lot of games next year (so they know they are only giving up a late-first round pick). I really doubt we could flip #34 this year into something that turns into a top 10 pick next year.
I can see a team that doesn't draft Geno Smith or Matt Barkley may want to trade back up to secure EJ Manual.

What I wrote in another thread...
Trade #31 + 4th round for #1 next year + 2nd round this year
maybe...Jets trade up to select EJ Manual at #31 plus our 4th rounder
Niners get Jets' next years #1 plus #39 this year.

We'd have...
#34, #39, #61, #74, #93 (plus a 1st rounder next year)

Trade #61 and #93 for #50

We'd have...
#34, #39, #50, #74 (plus a 1st rounder next year)

Datone Jones, Jonathan Cyprien, Kawann Short, Jamie Collins
Originally posted by RollinWith21n52:
Originally posted by dhp318:
You have to get more than just a future 1st rounder for the 34th pick in the draft.

No, you really don't. 2014 1st is very generous and a team would do it only if they really love a QB who is available. That's more than a fair price

It's not generous at all. The 34th pick is practically a late 1st round pick, and there's a lot of value in getting the pick a year earlier. It obviously depends on the team you're trading with, but you can't assume you're getting a top 10 pick. You should be getting back a 5th rounder or so this year in addition to the future 1st, unless the trade is with the Jets or Jaguars
Trade #34 to Miami for pick 54 2nd round and 77 3rd round pick.....NINERS would be drafting 31,54,61,74,77,93 six picks top 100 then they could trade a 4th,5th,7th,7th picks for next years draft plus a 2/3 Alex 3,4,6,6, 7th Jones 6 extra picks plus comp. Picks...future looking good 2013 11 draft picks after trades 1,2,2,3,3,3,4,5,6,7,7
This is what NE does every few years. This is the only way to jump up and get a top 10 player when you have a perpetual winning team.
Do it for Clowney!
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