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DT - John Jenkins - Georgia

Thoughts on this guy?
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He's big......REAL big......and he's hungry.....REAL hungry......and he sucks his thumb when he sleeps.
My favorite part about this post is in the Todd McShay video. Clearly from 2012 prior to the season. At the end of the video:

"There are 9 quarterbacks in our top 86 overall, so it's a very deep class..."

I think he missed on that one!!
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Would help out the run defense (which slipped this year) a LOT. I'm not as against him as some are, but there are more exciting possibilities.
Not a big fan. He got pushed around Bama's Oline in the SEC title game. Maybe it was technique and could be coached up.
I have us taking him 1st in my mock I released yesterday.
Been my NT in the first for a while based on projected picks before us.

I would be happy taking him in the first. Need work in some areas, but he is a true NT, and a True NT is at we have been missing on the dline. someone to consistantly draw te double team, and eat space in the center. Thats exactly what he will give you.
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I'd rather take Jesse Williams. He's more versatile and I love that he played for Saban. Hell Brandon Williams in the second round offers better value anyway. I'm not sold on Jenkins, he was easily dominated against good d-linemen.

Originally posted by 60sfan:

LOL, I enjoyed your well-reasoned and intelligent rebuttal, thanks for that.
He looks like an OK college player on a team loaded with underachieving talent that will not be as good a pro. Not really that impressed when I watched him play.
Real unsure about this guy. Disappeared a lot in games and I assume it's based on his weight and conditioning. I don't think he's a 1st round prospect either.

I don't know, James? Alabama ran all over him! Then again, maybe it was poor technique or conditioning? I'd take are look if he's there in the late 2nd or 3rd round.
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