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Cooper Mock Draft 3.0 (Post Super Bowl)

One of the better mock drafts that I have seen, really like the first two picks, and the rest of the draft does a good job of addressing needs with some talented players, well done.
Love the Quanterus Smith pick. Didn't know a lot of people knew about him. 12.5 sacks this year (3 of them against Alabama). He would be an awesome player to rotate in with Aldon Smith if he gets healthy. Between A. Smith and Q. Smith, we could bring a lot of pressure off the edge in blitz packages.
Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
Good draft. I say that because it is almost identical to mine. LOL 5 of the same picks and the same exact trade with the Chiefs. I would be happy with this.

Haha wow I didn't even realize that.. We both had Tennessee receivers too . great minds think alike..
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