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49ers Draft Hindsight

I remember a time when the draft was the most exciting part of the season.
Who's gonna be our first round pick? Second? What position will we address first?

Now obviously we can't wait to get back to football and play for a championship but I wanted to see what people have thought about our past draft picks and non-picks. Who is someone you really wanted the Niners to take and would it have been/was it a good move looking back on it?

My guy. Matt Leinart.
I wanted this guy on the Niners bad in 05. Was so pissed that he stayed in school because he didn't want to play in SF.
Well he still ended up in the bay area lol and not a damn person in the league would take him over Alex.

What past draft fantasies have made some of you eat da crow?
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I ate crow on wanting Carriker over Willis - actually "crow" would be kind, seeing how things turned out.

I also wanted JJ Watt over Aldon - it's a wash.

I really tought Allan Branch would be a real force in the NFL.

Did I mention I picked Cooney to beat Larry Holmes [I thought it would be a fix so they'd get more $ on a rematch]
I wanted Braylon Edwards over Alex Smith in 2005. I thought if we built an offense around Tim Rattay that we would at least be competitive. In 2011, I wanted Robert Quinn. In 2012, I wanted Coby Fleener.
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
I also wanted JJ Watt over Aldon - it's a wash.
The thought of Justin Smith and JJ Watt on the same line gives me goosebumps. What could've been!
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