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Year-End Grade of 2012 Draft

Grade? You could not have had a worse draft.

Originally posted by jimmythegreekjr:
2012 NFL Draft: 49ers

1 30 A.J. Jenkins WR Illinois
2 61 LaMichael James RB Oregon
4 117 Joe Looney C/G Wake Forest
5 165 Darius Fleming OLB Notre Dame
6 180 Trent Robinson SS Michigan State
6 199 Jason Slowey T Western Oregon
7 237 Cam Johnson DE Virginia

A.J. Jenkins is slow to develop and who knows about next year? La Michael James can be a nice weapon on offense, but he is too small..and has shown that defenders which are bigger can knock that ball out. Overall I grade this draft as a D-. I surely hope this years draft gives us NFL ready players that can step up and challenge for starting roles.

How can you grade it a D, or anything but incomplete at this point. Nobody knows what Jenkins can do, James gives this team an outstanding offensive threat, Looney provided depth and could be a future starter, Fleming missed all year, the only guy that got sent packing was Slowey.
Originally posted by Young2Rice:
Followed up one of the greatest drafts in niner history with one of the worst.

LMJ is the only bright spot right now.

In a couple years, Anthony Davis and Iupati will be free agents at the same time, I see the 49ers keeping Iupati and letting Davis walk, as a result, Boone moves to RT and Looney slides in at his spot at guard.
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
Still too early BUT it currently smells like a D.

Slowey is gone = F
Cam & Felmming IR = INC
Looney = INC [Did he ever take the field?]
Robinson = ?
AJ = ?

Way too early to conclude and DEFINITELY not enough to go on.

Meaning - There is still hope!

I think that draft definitely needs 3 years before it can be graded. AJ should get more opportunities and will have an offseason to bulk up a bit. I'm not holding my breath, but I think we will get much more out of him in 2013.

LMJ is solid and will probably team up with Hunter to be our long term running back solution. He could also replace Ginn as punt returner next year.

Robinson and Fleming are the ones that could make this a good draft:

Robinson - a great cover guy. Could be a true FS. My thought is that we will lock up Dashon Goldson to a long term deal, let Whitner walk when his contract is up and then let Robinson start at FS. That would allow us to move Goldson to SS, a more natural position for him. I'm most excited about Robinson in this draft.

Fleming - we need him to step up and be our #3 OLB. Haralson is great and under contract for 2013, but he's expensive and could start elsewhere.

I'm thinking both of these guys will be starters or significant contributers in 2014, replacing Whitner and Haralson and freeing up lots of cap space.
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