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Year-End Grade of 2012 Draft

2012 NFL Draft: 49ers

1 30 A.J. Jenkins WR Illinois
2 61 LaMichael James RB Oregon
4 117 Joe Looney C/G Wake Forest
5 165 Darius Fleming OLB Notre Dame
6 180 Trent Robinson SS Michigan State
6 199 Jason Slowey T Western Oregon
7 237 Cam Johnson DE Virginia

A.J. Jenkins is slow to develop and who knows about next year? La Michael James can be a nice weapon on offense, but he is too small..and has shown that defenders which are bigger can knock that ball out. Overall I grade this draft as a D-. I surely hope this years draft gives us NFL ready players that can step up and challenge for starting roles.

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i like fleming and johnson for depth and something tells me that robinson could be a starter in the nfl. (i thought he was a FS)
Too early to grade, should be grading 2010's draft, need to wait 3 years.

1 - 11 - RT Anthony Davis - A, pretty good starting RT
1 - 17 - OG Mike Iupati - A+, one of the best in the league
2 - 49 - SS Taylor Mays - D-, do I really need to explain?
3 - 91 - MLB Navorro Bowman - A+, one of the best in the league
6 - 173 - RB Anthony Dixon - B, good value for a 6th rounder
6 - 182 - TE Nate Byham - C, decent blocking TE
6 - 206 - WR Kyle Williams - B+, despite his major playoff mistake, he has shown he is an NFL player with great speed. Good find at the end of the 6th
7 - 224 - CB Phillip Adams - B-, when you can draft a 7th rounder thats still in the league 3 years later, its a good value pick

Overall: A+, I know Mays wa a major miss but adding Davis, Iupati and Bowman in one draft is too much to grade lower. Teams would kill to add 3 top players in the league by their third year.
Followed up one of the greatest drafts in niner history with one of the worst.

LMJ is the only bright spot right now.
If you had to grade the draft it would be a D. James is the only drafted rookie to contribute. But the jury is still out, its way to early to give them a fair grade. Jenkins will be given an opportunity next year and I believe Fleming will get some playing time too. Looney and Robinson also have a shot to make the active roster as well.
Still too early BUT it currently smells like a D.

Slowey is gone = F
Cam & Felmming IR = INC
Looney = INC [Did he ever take the field?]
Robinson = ?
AJ = ?

Way too early to conclude and DEFINITELY not enough to go on.

Meaning - There is still hope!
Last year was primarily a development draft. Most of those players were drafted to grow into future positions they can contribute. Many experts are saying the Niners need to upgrade their OG position, but Looney the Niners were supposedly really high on Looney. Maybe he grows into that spot. And if he were to become a future stud at OC, then the Niners have solidified their biggest need on the o line for the future.

I didn't really like the Jenkins pick, and I still think they could have had him or another comparable WR later. = incomplete
James has shown the ability to make big plays. Ray Rice fumbled in the SB too. = B+

The rest of these guys are late round picks on a Super Bowl team. I'm not sure what the problem is...
AJ and Fleming need to step up next season
Yeah - definitely too early to make any grading - as previous poster said 3 years gives a fairer idea.

What I would say though is that more people need to keep this list in mind when saying what we need to draft this year - as some of these will likely be more of a factor this year. (While some will admittedly be allowed to leave.)

I'm not saying any of these start this coming year, or any of the 14 or so we may draft this year will either, but many will have chance to contribute.
And 2011 looks pretty good too - Aldon, Kaep, Hunter, Kilgore, Miller, Culliver*.

*Although Culliver may not be the best one to mention just now. But Aldon, Kaep, Hunter & Miller more than make up for it.

But i thought most of the zone liked this draft, and I was a nuts for not really liking it ??? I gave it a C+, by overdrafting in some spots and under-drafting in others. And in some spots just didnt get a player to help us. Now, after we lose the SB, "we're giving it a D???, wht gives ??
Jenkins will have to make a big push to remain on the team - Zero catches. James played well but we didn't see any coast to coast returns, why? I like Cam Johnson but he must bulk up if he's going to stay in the NFL. The rest are mysteries. With an anticipated good draft many of these guys may be cut before training camp.
Originally posted by RishikeshA:
Jenkins will have to make a big push to remain on the team - Zero catches. James played well but we didn't see any coast to coast returns, why? I like Cam Johnson but he must bulk up if he's going to stay in the NFL. The rest are mysteries. With an anticipated good draft many of these guys may be cut before training camp.

I agree. I think guys like Cam should be worried. Jenkins and James have got to get stronger and bigger.
Agree with's way too early to be assigning grades, especially given few of them had little (if any) PT. I've seen quite a few posters saying Jenkins is a bust...and that's just ridiculous. FWIW, he's going to work out w/Kaepernick in AZ. That's a positive sign. Dude had an excellent college career at Ill...runs good routes and has mad speed. I'd say some patience is in order by Niner fans 'til we see what this kid's really got. As for James, don't let one fumble in the SB cloud your judgement about this kid. He also made some amazing runs, both as a runner and as a receiver, plus he can return kicks. He's a great change-of-pace guy in the backfield...I'm pretty high on him, really. Looney has enormous potential, either as a G or even C. He had a ridiculous total of pancake blocks at WF. He just needs to get on the field, which isn't easy when your starting 5 stay together the entire season. Fleming and Johnson should contribute next season...both are tough, talented players and could really help with lacking LB depth. Robinson just might have an opportunity because WHitner had such a bad season...kid's got talent and toughness. Slowey was expendable because of guys like Boone, Kilgore and Leonard Davis, there wasn't anywhere on the roster for him, plus he played at a lower division in college and it was just too big of a jump to the NFL.
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So far, if I were forced to grade the 2012 draft, I would have to say a F. For a 1st round pick to not have a single catch when there was definitely need for his services is unacceptable. LMJ produced at the expected level for a 2nd round pick that didn't get many chances. The rest didn't get on the field much, I believe. Now, hopefully they are late bloomers, but so far the draft is looking poor.
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