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Butters Mock 3.0 - Post Super Bowl

1st trade
Niners send Alex Smith and Carolina 3rd to KC for 2nd (34)

1st/31: Terrance Williams, WR, Baylor
This is much higher than some mocks have Williams going. True, the Niners took a WR last year. True, they could throw money at a low end veteran WR. But like I've said in other threads, i want the Niners to have a legit, speed, depth threat to take the top off of defenses.

2nd/34: Sylvester Williams, 3/4 DE, North Carolina
I know, a DT from North Carolina. I'm not married to Sylvester. Pending the combine, Hankins, Floyd, Jesse Williams, etc should be gone. The Niners will hopefully get to pick between Short, Sylvester, and Antone Jones. I like Jone's motor, but I think the Niners may need more beef on their line.

Trade #2 Niners
2nd/63 = 270
5th/152 Indy = 31
= 300 pts = 2nd/60
Moving up three spots may not seem like much, but getting a blue chip NT prospect in the 2nd is important. And I don't care if they give up 5th rounder, they have a lot of picks.

Brandon Williams, NT, Missouri Southern State
Niners need a play maker up front. This may be a considered high by some, but I think BW's athleticism at the combine will move him up draft boards. The Niners may need to go higher than this.

Bacardi Rambo, FS, Georgia
I really want a true, ball hawking FS next to Goldson. Someone QB's have to fear, like Earl in Seattle.

Niners trade #3
4th/128 = 44
5th/160 = 27
=71 pts @ 4th/112

B.W. Webb, CB, William and Mary
Once again, could go higher, but I'm hoping he falls a bit below MD's project of a fringe top 100 player. The Niners need some more young talent at CB, but have found solid talent and depth by targeting other positions with their top picks. I'm hoping they can continue the mid round picks because of their upgrade Dline and additional talent in the secondary. Crossing fingers Webb falls

4th round COMP (Synder?)
Lonnie Pryor, FB, Florida State
This is 100% an attempt to find an upgrade to Dixon. Can be a core special teams player and a big back on short yardage. With Gore's increasing age, and the stature of James and Hunter. I love Pryor's team first attitude, combined with his natural talent.

Niners trade #4
6th/172 = 23 (from Mia)
6th/189 = 16
5th/135 = 39

Michael Buchanan, OLB, Illionis
Buchanan had some struggles in 1-1 drills at the Senior bowl, but he's got some fluid hips in space and moves well. I think he could come in as depth for the 3/4 LB spot. Or at least, he can compete with last years rookies.

Zach Sudfeld, TE, Nevada
To be honest, I've never watch this kid play. This pick is based completely on NFL Draft Scout's draft round projection. However, he's big and tall with solid production in college. I believe he had 8 TD. This is a long time to upgrade the TE position, but there seems to be some decent depth in this years big, tall TE class. Could be a diamond in the rough.

Rodney Smith, WR, Florida State
Could easily be gone. I'd like to see the Niners grab a second WR in this draft. There are many late round WR values. Frankly, I don't care who it is, just someone who can help with RZ conversions.

Javon Harris, Oklahoma, SS
He had 5 INT last year. Decent production, good school, take a flier on him. At least he can challenge for a S/T spot.

Does it really matter? OL depth?

Glaring weaknesses of this draft. No Center, it waits a long time for TE. Maybe optimistic about some of the players dropping?
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Use that last pick on a kicker.
I like the Lonnie Pryor pick. I think he would be a weapon in the pistol.
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