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My 49ers 2013 Mock Draft

49ers trade Alex Smith to Chiefs for 3rd round pick (65)

Dashon Goldson WILL be resigned
Akers will be released
Center is still a question..could go draft

1 (32) Kawaan Short (too good to pass up)
2(30) Tyler Eifert (could fall believe it or not)
TE-Notre Dame
3(1) Quinton Patton (line up across from Crabs)
WR- Louisiana Tech
3(12) Monte Ball (RB of the future)
3(32)Robert Alford (very underrated!!)
CB-Louisiana Monroe
4(32)Brennan Williams (6"7!! Thrasher)
OL-North Carolina
5(24)Marquess Wilson (A steal here. Has the talent)
WR-Washington State
5(32)Tyrann Mathieu (Leggo)
6(12)Dustin Hopkins (Akers is gone)
K-Florida State

Honestly feel like 49ers will trade rest of the picks for future picks..we have way too much talent..there just isn't enough room on roster for 14 new players

Not bad, and realistic too. Would love this draft.
No qb and only one DL?
We don't need a QB in this draft.

We do need more DL.
Originally posted by English:
No qb and only one DL?

Not good.
Originally posted by English:
No qb and only one DL?

And a guy who doesn't even fit the system at that. Short is best as a 4-3 DT.
no Nt?
Is Monte Ball really projected to go that low?

That guy has looked like a legit NFL RB for years. I don't really feel like RB is a big need for us. But if he's there in the 3rd I hope we grab him.
10/10! This would be a fantastic draft.
I would only draft defensive players. We need a defense to play at an elite level as we were supposed to be. We can't be so thin is to have a Justin Smith go down and that is our justification for mediocre play game after game.

Patton won't be there in the third round.. he'll be taken in the 2nd round the latest
Hopkins is a must.....Akers killed us....Can't lose games due to lack of a kicker.....2011 was Akers year and 2012 really wasn't.

Maybe in the 4th we go get a NT....This is a deep DL draft
Methinks Jesse Williams is the guy to go after...if Baalke has to trade up to get him, so what, that's why you stockpile 14/15 picks (including whatever we get for Alex). Jesse's versatility and size make him the ideal dude for our 3-4. Along with that, though, you go out and sign Randy Starks before the draft. When Justin Smith got hurt, our DL really suffered primarily due to lack of NFL experience at a high level...Starks can fill that bill very nicely because he can also play inside & out and provide that veteran experience. Adding him and Williams to our DL will help restore that group to a higher level, which is critically important to the entire defense. I like the two CB's, but didn't see a S. Also like the K, Hopkins. Agree we don't need 14/15 picks, but Baalke needs to use them to trade up for quality. The goal would be to end up with 6 or so blue-chippers...because it's very likely no more than that would make the roster, anyway.
Giants 24 - good draft

Good call CorvaNinerFan - Randy Starks and a quality NT?DE in the draft would give us an excellent rotation to keep the pressure on.

ime for Baalke to play poker.
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