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My rough mock offseason, free agent signings and extensions, cuts, etc... (No Draft yet)

Originally posted by NinerBuff:
How about extending Anthony Davis, he has steadily improved and is entering his prime soon.

oh and btw, AB, you're incredible at this! I know I've said it like 10 times already, but damn you really should get paid to do this!

Dude does give up a lot of sacks though. Im on the fence with this guy. i always see him chasing a guy thats sacking our QB. Excllent run blocker tho !!

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Originally posted by AB83Rules:
I was working on a rough mock offseason, and this is what I have so far. Let me know what you guys think.

We trade Alex Smith on the 14th of March 2013 to save $9.75 million, we get a 3rd rounder from KC in 2014.

We cut Parys Haralson and David Akers, saves $2.87M and $3.05M.

We now, with the new cap room, plus previous cap room, are under the $121M cap by $17.77M.

Now restructures/extensions:

Justin Smith – He has a $7.5M base salary for 2013, we need to get that down to $940K, convert the remaining $6.56M into a signing bonus over 4 seasons(3 extra on top of 2013), at $1.64M a year. We now have a savings of $4.92M.

Donte Whitner – He has a $3.85M base salary for 2013, we need that down to minimum of $840K, convert the $3.01M into a signing bonus over 3 additional years, so 4 year proration at $752,500, and a savings of $2,575,500.

Tarell Brown – He has a $2.925M base salary, cut it down to $715K, convert that $2.21M into a signing bonus over 5 seasons total, or though 2017, at a $442K a year, plus we give him a 2nd year option bonus of $4M over 4 years at $1M a yr, but that is in 2014. We save $1.768M

Mario Manningham – He has a $3.6M base salary in 2013, we cut down to around $715K, turn the $2.885M into a signing bonus at $577K over 5 seasons, through 2017, plus a $2.5M roster bonus in 2014, with other roster bonuses over the rest of the 5 year extension/deal. Saves us $3.462M

Now we are under by $30,495,500. Obviously we could get away with no extensions for Brown and Mario, but I rather us extend these 2, they are long term answers IMO.

Now lets sign Dashon Goldson to a 6yr deal worth $7M average, or $42M, with incentives for INTs and Pro Bowl, All Pro, etc.. to bring total to another $2M. Give him up front $8M in 2013, which includes a $1M base, $5M roster bonus, and $2M in bonus proration, so a $10M signing bonus(Only prorates over 5 years, so no $2M in 2018).

Next up is decisions on Delanie Walker, Isaac Sopoaga, and Ricky Jean Francois. I say we sign RJF, to a 3-year deal worth $2.5M a year, or $7.5M overall, with $3M signing bonus, and $2.5M in 2013.

I re-sign Tavares Gooden to a 2-year deal worth $2.5M, or $1.25M a year average.

Leonard Davis is signed for 1yr $940,000, with a $65K bonus, but only counts $555K in base, plus $65K, so only $620K for vet credit rules.

So far we have taken off $12.37M, lets take $5M for draft picks aside, and we have $17.37M taken away, and gives us $13,125,500 left.

Extensions for up coming free agents now.

Mike Iupati – 6yr deal worth $45M, we will give him a $4M roster bonus paid right away in 2013, plus a $5M signing bonus, plus has roster bonuses and workout bonuses in the deal.

Michael Crabtree – 5yr deal worth $35M, we give him a $4M roster bonus, plus a $5M signing bonus, same as Iupati.

So we taken off $10M for those 2, and leaves us under by $3,125,500 for the 2013 season. Now we would of already sign the remaining 7 practice squanders to 2 yr deals. Takes away $405k, As the 6 others don't count due to top 51 rule.

Now heading into draft day, we look at signing status.

Signed through 2018:
LG Mike Iupati
ILB NaVorro Bowman
FS Dashon Goldson
P Andy Lee

2017 Season:
WR Michael Crabtree
WR Mario Manningham
LT Joe Staley
OLB Ahmad Brooks
CB Tarell Brown

2016 season:
DE Justin Smith
DE Ray McDonald
ILB Patrick Willis
SS Donte Whitner

2015 Season:
RB LaMichael James
WR AJ Jenkins (Would be 2016 if we pick up option, and no extension)
TE Vernon Davis
RG Alex Boone
LG Joe Looney
NT/DE Ricky Jean Francois
OLB Darius Fleming
CB Carlos Rogers
SS Trenton Robinson

2014 Season:
QB Colin Kaepernick
RB Frank Gore
RB Kendall Hunter
RB Jewel Hampton (RFA)
FB Bruce Miller
WR Ricardo Lockette (EFA)
TE Garrett Celek (RFA)
C Daniel Kilgore
RT Anthony Davis
OG Wayne Tribue (EFA)
OL Al Netter (EFA)
OL Kenny Wiggins (EFA)
DE Tony Jerod-Eddie (EFA)
NT Lamar Divens (EFA)
OLB Aldon Smith (Would be 2015 if we don't extend)
OLB Nate Stupar (EFA)
ILB Tavares Gooden
CB Chris Culliver
FS C.J. Spillman
FS Michael Thomas (EFA)
SS Curtis Taylor (EFA)
LS Brian Jennings

2013 season:
QB Scott Tolzien (RFA)
RB Anthony Dixon
FB/DE Will Tukuafu (RFA)
WR Kyle Williams
WR Chad Hall
TE/DE Demarcus Dobbs (RFA)
C Jonathan Goodwin
RG Leonard Davis
NT Ian Williams (RFA)
OLB Cam Johnson (EFA)
OLB Eric Bakhtiari (RFA) (Signed futures contract according to NFLPA database)
ILB Michael Wilhoite (EFA)
CB Perrish Cox (RFA)

Future Cap Situations:


2014- $36.071M under
2015- $61.149M under
2016- $92.025M under

Now new:

2014- $25,911,500 Taken from following cap numbers.
Manningham- $4.077M
Brown- $2.442M
Smith- $4.64M
Whitner- $2,020,500
Goldson- $5M
RJF- $2.5M
Gooden- $1.25M
Crabs- $2M extra
Iupati- $2M extra

New cap room- $ 10,159,500 (Enough to extend Aldon and Kaepernick).

2015- $39,179,500 taken for following salaries.
Manningham- $4.577M
Whitner- $3,020,500
Smith- $7.64M
Brown- $4.442M
RJF- $2.5M
Goldson- $7M
Iupati- $5M
Crabtree- $5M

New Cap room- $ 21,969,500

2016 would be around $50M taken off, for now $40M cap room. This is depending on extensions for A.Davis, Aldon and Kaepernick, plus Culliver, Hunter, Miller, Kilgore.

You need a job with the Niners. !!, Good knowledge of the cap, and workable scenarios. I ike everything above, but wouldnt bring back Leonrd Davis, as he didnt help much, is old, and we could upgrade with a cheaper FA option, draft pick , or what we already have on team. I LOVE THE WAY YOU WORKED THE CAP/CONTRACTS THO !! GOOD JOB BRO !
Wow! Fantastic Job AB. Very smart and ideal offseason.
Originally posted by lamontb:
How much of a cap hit is it to cut whitner? And id get parys to take a pay cut and let him compete with fleming and johnson.

I'd like to keep Haralson under these circumstances too. He and Fleming would solve the depth problem at OLB and both contribute to our ST's..I'd keep Whitner, but I'd draft his replacement in this draft (there are a lot of SS in this draft, and since it's not highly regarded position, we can get a solid guy in the 3rd/4th rounds.)
We differ on who the Niners will/should keep...for example, Whitner. He was very good in 2011, not very good in 2012. Bills fans said "buyer beware" when we signed him...I'm beginning to understand what they were talking about. He was just plain awful in the playoffs, and especially the SB. Another example...Goldson. I'm on the fence with him...understand the 2 straight Pro Bowls, etc. But, what concerns me is he all but disappeared in both the NFC Championship game and the SB. If you're gonna pay him big money, you want a guy who's going to play his best in the biggest games. I feel the same way about our CB's...Rogers was great in 2011, a lot less than that this past season. Same w/Brown and Culliver. None of those guys are anything close to shut-down CB's. I feel similary about Dobbs, Tukuafu, Ian Williams, et al. Are these guys really worth keeping? Understand other than RJF, the other guys haven't had much of an opportunity for PT. Why is that? I'm thinking a big part of the reason Harbaugh doesn't take his starters off the field is because he doesn't trust the b/u's to carry the load. If that's true, are they really worth keeping? I'd rather see Baalke bring in some FA's...not huge numbers, but here are a few DL who could really beef up that group. Randy Starks...big, talented dude who can play inside or out...perfect for 3-4. If they don't re-sign Sopoaga (very possible), then bring in an Alan Branch or Terrance Knighton. Now you've got some experienced depth so you can give Justin, Ray Mac et al a blow in games to keep them fresher without sacrificing that much in talent on the field. Our starters wore down as this last season the answer is to take a page out of Seattle or NY Giants' book. Stock your DL with more experienced talent...and rotate them so your starters don't wear down nearly as much. In our secondary, bring in a guy like Sean Smith...a big CB who could matchup better against the big receivers just every team seems to have. Two SS I've seen who look considerably better in coverage than Whitner are William Moore and Glover Quin. Maybe Trenton Robinson's or Curtis Taylor are better options...something has to change back there, because our secondary got lit up from the NE game on and throughout the playoffs/SB. Keeping the guys who became such a porous secondary just doesn't make much sense to me. I realize part of their struggles were tied to lack of a pass rush as the season unfolded...when Justin Smith got hurt, it really suffered. Again, though, that's all the more reason to beef up the DL so they're not so dependent on Justin, who's not going to be around forever.
All that said, I appreciate your efforts...I just think there could be a number of different names involved as the team moves forward.
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