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OK, I am an idiot, I tried to put together a mock from work in a short period of time and the work was SLOPPY. That being said if the top 4 pick work out how I hope, then I think we all would be happy. I also think Burris is on the Raiders and he went to college in san diego. Ha Ha.

Are you planning on the 49ers trading up about 15-20 spots in the 1st round? Because that is the only way that Richardson is gonna happen.

I leanred from last draft that no one, including myself really knows. Who would have thought DeCastro, Coby Fleener, Dwayne Allen, Reuben Randle would fall as far as they did. This draft is deep in DT's, that is why I hope the niners go 3-4 DE in round 1 as option 1 or NT as option 1 if BPA of the two positions.

From Walter football they have him as the #3 3-4 DE, and a top 25 pick, so one can hope he falls to 32 or we trade up to get him. I like the motor that the draft analysis talk about. With more teams running the hurry up the niners need a cowboy replacement that will not need to come off the field.

I wanted to do a mock with no trades, but one could envision Baalke trading up maybe 5 spots in round 1, burning a 4th and 5th or even a 3rd to get their man.