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Remember how pissed off so many people were when Jed hired Baalke as GM before getting a coach?

Remember how many people hated Jed pre-Harbaugh? Jed, Jim, and Trent have turned around this franchise.

It's interesting cause Eddie D wasn't well liked in his first couple seasons as Owner either. But he learned from his mistakes and displayed good intuition. Jed is going to follow in his uncles footsteps and become a great owner. Will Jed become a HOF? Probably not. But as long as he brings a couple Lambardis back to the bay than that is alright by me
Good call "goodthings19!

Owners learn and get better just like players.

I remember well that Mr. D wasn't very well liked in the beginning until he found his way. Walsh wanted to quit a few times because of so much pressure from Eddie. When he did find his way - he became one of the VERY best owners in the league. Lots & lost of players wanted to play for the Niners because the Eddie treated them great.

Jed will do just fine - like Eddie D.

He'll stay out of operations and let football people run a football franchise.
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