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Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington- 1st Round

So I was thinking that since the secondary may need help and Carlos Rodgers is getting up there in age that the team grabs another cornerback opposite Chris Culliver for the future. I'm leaning towards Desmond Trufant from Washington who is rising up the draft boards right now with great Senior Bowl practices and has been praised as the best defensive back of the Senior Bowl with Jordan Poyer as well. I think Trufant could be a good addition to an already great defense with his good speed and pass breaking ability. I think he could be a great addition in the late first round for the Niners.
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Originally posted by eonblue:

I like Trufant, but your response would be better this way:

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I really like Trufant. He will climb up the boards IMO
I really like him as a cover corner but will he fit in the defense the way the Niners ask their CB's to play in run support is the question I ask.
i'm not sure i truf is starter material.
I hope they can get Poyer in the 2nd I think he'll be good in teh slot. Trufant should be there at the end of the1st though
I like Trufant, but I am currently @ UW and watched him all last year and this year and do not feel he is worth a 1st rounder. Yes, he's physically fit and has good coverage skills, but he has ALWAYS shown to have this "lazy" streak during the game. Watch his game tape, he gets into the beginning of the game, then gets lost during the game until the last 4 minutes.

Now, that could also be the fact that our pass rush couldn't even breathe near an opposing QB and couldn't stop a running back (unless their name was Stefan Taylor), so maybe being on a team with a pass rush might make him better, but I think we should get DL help with the amount of talent there this draft. If we trade back into the mid 2nd, then I wouldn't mind drafting Trufant, but not worth even a late 1st due to his past history.
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So many CBS we could get at 34 I think 31 should be on D.Jones DE UCLA tha cowboy wont play 4ever N we need DL help ....

Originally posted by eonblue:

Dude you have a freakin' dart sticking out of your neck!
From watching the SB prcatices and the combine, he looks like a damn good prospect in round 1.
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Originally posted by LottOfDefense:
From watching the SB prcatices and the combine, he looks like a damn good prospect in round 1.

Baalke has cosistently stressed the importance of film over the career of a potential draftee.
Last year, Trufant only had one interception; he was 7th on the team in interceptions.
In 50 games, he has had a toatal of 6 interceptions.

It had to imagine Baalke finding a lot to like on Trufant's film.
I think he ends up going top 15. He's passed up Banks and Rhodes.
He hasn't passed Rhodes on most sites, but he's definitely the #3 guy by most accounts. With the chiefs 2nd, we could pick up both a great young CB and a great DE/WR prospect.
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