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DB's 1st Mock 2013

Cut/Let Walk
Ginn, Alex, Sopoaga, Akers, Haralson

Goldson, RJF, Grant


Trade 1: our 1(32), our 3(94) and next years #2 to Saints for #15

1(15) Jesse Williams NT Alabama- immediate upgrade and day 1 starter. Anchor for a decade

2(64) Terrance Williams WR Baylor- Only 6'2 but BPA at this slot. Future Star (Mangus Hunt long gone)

3(from Car) Brandon Jenkins OLB Florida State- once a 1st rounder drops bc of injury

3(94) Traded

3(comp) Baccari Rambo FS Georgia- who else wants a 49er jersey with Rambo on the back?

4-Everett Dawkins DT Florida State-Profiles as well as any DT in this draft to play 3-4 DE

5-Marcus Lattimore RB South Carolina-in the 5th, why not?

5-Aaron Melette WR Elon- 6'3 Small school guy who put up huge numbers

6-Terry Hawthorne CB Illinois- Replaces Brock on ST, and jumps into CB battle 6'0 tall cover guy

6-Marcus Davis-WR Va Tech- gotta be the VT prospect we were watching, 6'3 very raw

7-Nick Becton OT Va Tech- swing Tackle prospect 6'5 320

7-Joseph Fauria TE UCLA- camp comp

7-Damion Stafford FS Nebraska-camp comp

7-Manase Foketti OT West Texas A&M- another OT prospect
[ Edited by davidboutte on Jan 24, 2013 at 1:45 PM ]
Mellette, Fauria, and Jenkins ill all be gone by those picks IMO.
good mock I wouldnt mind those picks, but obviously your getting a little wishful to have some of those guys left.

Marcus Davis - VaTech WR?
Marcus Lattimore is from South Carolina.
CBS sports has them as 3rd, 5th, and 7th respectively

Mock based on these rankings
Originally posted by davidboutte:

Mock based on these rankings

Yea, i dont see it happenings. I personally have Mellette moving up into the third. The other two i would be very suprised with as well.
Rambo, Dawkins, Hawthorne, Davis and Fauria will all be gone before you have them being drafted.

Rambo is now basically a late 2nd/early 3rd round pick, Dawkins is 3rd round range, Hawthorne is early 3rd to early 4th, Davis is 4th to 5th round range and Fauria is anywhere from mid 3rd to early 5th round range....of course this also depends on the results of the Combine.
Would be happy - no make it VERY happy with this draft. I just read some bad report on Rambo though from the Senior Bowl. From GBN Draft Report. Just havent see enough of the guy to reall form an opinion.

"On the contrary, S Baccari Rambo continues to show he does not have the speed or discipline to be relied upon at the next level."
a 1st a 2nd and a 3rd for a nose tackle--sorry i just dont see that happening
Terrance Williams is probably going in the first. Early second at the latest.

Originally posted by hofer36:
a 1st a 2nd and a 3rd for a nose tackle--sorry i just dont see that happening

If they were to trade up like that, I'd rather see Sheldon Richardson instead.
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