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Senior Bowl

Originally posted by Jcool:
Daniel Jeremiah ‏@MoveTheSticks

La Tech WR Quinton Patton has been excellent at the Sr Bowl. Nice mix of quickness/toughness and he has strong hands. #SeniorBowl

My favorite WR in this entire draft and has been for a long time. I'd walk around with a semi 24-7 for at least a month or two if they were to end up drafting him, just looks totally naturally and fluid, effortless when he's going down the field, great character guy, natural leader, loves to block, good leaper, it really doesn't get much better. He's still kind of raw and needs to develop his route tree, doesn't have great speed, but he's got so many good things going for him, I really feel like he'll be a true #1 WR at the next level and one of the top WR's in the NFL in a few years.
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And hopefully you will only hear about the one's they want you to hear about, that is what makes this so much fun. I've being hearing stories about how teams talk to players just to waste other teams time and resources.

There are a lot of scouts here from every team, the majority them are not on the field and are back at the hotels doing work. The coaches are on the field with some executives but the grinders are doing the foundation work on interested players at the hotels. Their is far more interaction between the parties (players and executives/coaches/scouts) after practice and in the rooms. That is where these players are really going to make or lose value. It has become so evolved it is like a precursor to the combine
Originally posted by bulldog54:
-Cyprien: He like a lot of others really had some rust the first two days has gotten better, kid has not played in two months. He holds a lot by NFL standards but is quick and fast which is always a plus.
-Trufant: Loved this guy competiveness. Doesn't back down and will keep punching in a fight. Has called Wheaton several times (lost most of them tho). He Poyer seem to be having the own competition here, but I'm not sure if he can be a slot guy. At Washington they brought in one of those hybrid LB/S to do that. He displayed the quickest feet of all the DB's and he knows football from his brothers. he is comfortable in press and off coverage. The most impressive thing about him is that when the ball is snapped he always has one eye on the OB and the other on his opponent in off coverage. This allows his to sit and jump routes and recover because he conscious of his surroundings. Not as big as Poyer and I wonder if he would get pushed around by the bigger guys
-Davis: got beat on three consecutive plays by Harper, Wheaton and Goodwin, underdeveloped physically
-Harper: his question will be speed. runs average routes, powerful hands and legs. Uses his body like a TE to shield DBs and might end up converting to TE. Really high football IQ and that's before I found out he use to be a QB in college. Seems like the prototype move the chains kind of guy

Harper really impressed me when I saw Kansas State games, the guy is huge for a WR. I saw him just throw a DB to the ground at practice today (on tv).

Thanks for the impressions on the players, hope you have a great time this week.
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