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Week 12 Prospect Watch!

Sorry about no week 11, was sick and busy.

Wednesday: Toledo at Northern Illinois
-Terrance Owens is a deep sleeper QB, but he is 6-4, great athlete, who can throw with a lot of velocity (drafted by Padres to be a pitcher even though he doesn't play baseball). Right now he is a guy ou take with a flyer and stick on the practice squad. He is a Junior so he should stay another year
-few years back Northern Illinois produced first rounder DE/OLB Larry English.Now senior defensive ends Progar and Baxter are trying to follow in his footsteps. Right now Progar is a late rounder and Baxter is a a UDFA.

Thursday: North Carolina at Virginia
-North Carolina has 6 very legitimate prospects. James Hurst has been a favourite of mine, but he is a raw Junior. But Niner fans should be watching Sylvester Williams, a 320lb potential NT.
-Virginia is a pretty awful team, but Oday Aboushi looks like an OT that will be taken in the first 3 rounds

Friday: Hawaii at Air Force
-A rather awful game, but if you tune in, my 2 players to watch are the Air Force LBers MLB Means and OLB Niklas. They have both been extremely productive this year and are potential UDFA.


Rutgers at Cincinatti
-OLB Khaseem Greene is the front runner to win Big East Defensive Player of the Year and is probably the top 4-3 OLB in the draft
-NOTE: Walter Stewart retired from football, I accidentally left him on my watch list. Spinal injury....
-Greg Blair has been a pretty solid ILB, late rounder

-This game has the looks of a shoot out, meaning another day of Barkley throwing it to his great WRs. But Woods has really taken a back seat to Lee which is concerning for Woods
-Franklin is one of my favourite RBs in this year's draft. Right now a lot of people are placing him as a mid-rounder. I don't know what this kid did in the off-season, but he has taken his speed to an entirely new level.

Kansas State at Baylor
-I've listed 5 defenders as potential draft picks on K-State's squad. Arthur Brown is a top 4-3 OLB, Zimmerman is flying under the radar as an impact safety, and Nigel Malone will be covering Terrance Williams for a great match up.
Sean Progar on Northern Illinois looked decent. Rest of them weren't imrpessive at all.
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