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So, there never was a 3 TE in the works

It shows that we're going to be a 3 wide receiver team opposed to a 2 tight end 2 receiver team.

I think there's ample proof around the league that 2 receivers and 2 tight ends is just as dynamic as 3 receivers but if that's not Harbaugh's vision oh well. I'd take the next Victor Cruz or Jennings over a 2nd tight end any day of the week too.
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LOL You guys read so much into everything. All it shows is that Brett Swain saw valuable snaps last year.
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yeah, Jeff,but i was thinking about a schidt hot TE, fleener, to give us the 3 TE pack. Would have been great, but AJ is even better, and with LaMichael, holy smokes. I am going to be looking for 3rd downs, now, not fearing them. No matter what we did w/ Fleener, we couldn't have done better than B& H did. Our 3rd TE can be our project, not our go to guy on 3rd down. It just looks like we are set every way from Sunday. Jeez, what a draft,and we only got 2 guys. If a good draft is 3 starters, and we have 5 more picks, I shudder to think what our illustrious duo have up their sleeves. Impressive, just really impressive. If you haven't done it yet, check out AJs hands. sheesh. They look more like peach baskets than hands.(in size). Actually they are neat to look at with nicely tapered fingers, great for squeezing the ball to death. We be ready....but Lord bring us some OL backups, please.

Byham is 6'4 260+.....big target to play with. People forget him easily.

As usual, I agree Jeff. Byham was hurt last season diving for a pass during Smith Camp. I think he's been underestimated as a pass-catcher.
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3 TE sets were just what Harbaugh used when he did not have the WR weapons to run it that way.

As a former QB, Harbaugh knew that what the 49ers had in the way of receivers last season was very limited. He convinced Baalke (or Baalke already knew) that the offense was an embarrassment last season. They were a power running team not because that was what Harbaugh preferred but because that was all they had. Look back at the start of last season. Even before he knew Crabtree had re-injured his foot and would not be able to practice full-time for months, JH took a chance on Braylon Edwards, not because he loved Edwards so much but because he knew MC was not enough by himself. IOW, he was shooting craps and hoping for a winner. Morgan, as we learned, was not in the long-term plans either. Then it was a hope that they oft-injured Williams would fulfill his potential...and Ginn...and some guys from the street.

To make matters worse, there was no speed to concern anyone in the backfield either. Hunter was a Jr. version of Gore and Dixon was never in the picture at RB. In short, power running and a very conservative passing "attack" was all there was. Thank God for an All-World defense because the offense was about 5 cards short of a full deck.

So it should not surprise us that a WR with hands and SPEED who was known for GETTING SEPARATION was the first pick. Enough of saying that Alex Smith had to "throw receivers open." Harbaugh knew what the fans did not, or were not willing to admit; the receivers were not capable of reliably getting open no matter where the QB threw the ball. AS A QUARTERBACK, Harbaugh could see every day in practice and each week in games that the receiving corp was lacking a couple of critical components, and he set about to make certain that was not the case in 2013. AJ Jenkins was everything the WRs lacked last season although it took peeling away a couple of layers of the onion to get the full flavor of the pick.

Same thing goes to the LaMichael James selection. If the defense knew the 49ers lacked the speed to attack their flanks, they could crowd the middle and stop the run. No more. Any time James is in the game, and I suspect it will be more than just 3rd down even early in the season, the defense will have to do something that Bill Walsh practiced all the time - spread the field HORIZONTALLY so you can attack the cracks between the defenders. James can do that and now Gore/Hunter/Jacobs will be more effective doing what they do best which is run between the gaps.

So, no, the 3 TE set was just the only option available, not the one that Jim Harbaugh preferred. We must remember Harbaugh is a GREAT disciple of Bill Walsh. Walsh preached a COMPLETE offense, not just one that was very good at only one thing. The genius of Walsh was that he not only DID the unexpected, he PLANNED for it. He had the weapons and the play schemes to put things into the offense and be able to save them for special plays late in the game when he needed to pull out the comeback or drive the final nail in the coffin. He also drafted players that other GMs/draftniks under-rated - guys like Jerry Rice. Somehow I think Bill Walsh was upstairs smiling when the Jenkins pick was announced and outright applauded the James pick.
The team is not only tough - we are now getting faster.

It will be great to watch Byham develop into the play book and our new speed guys at RB & WR.
Ok, no two ways about it, every time the ST hit the field, your pulse raced. How far would we pin them back or how far would Ginn return the kick. On D, it was a sight to behold, the old stalwart, suddenly surrounded by real talent, esp the tall kid with the long arms...ALL DONE. And when you put the renovated DL together with Aldon who played from a lot of different slots, add in some CBs that were quick, hard hitters, and then add in S, we had a D that would get anyone's attn, even the Wall street Journal, who wrote after the NFC championship game, "Now THERE was a Defense".

No if, ands, or buts, our D was as exciting as a D can get. Fast,, tough, and mean. Put that together w/ a resurrected Qb (previously left for dead) and a great running O, and the niners had almost a complete SB team. Heck, with out the two PR fumbles, we very easily could have won the SB. But that was it, nothing else on the O, except a Qb throwing to vernon on long strikes several times a game and craps the only other WR, who never it seemed, got open. Well that is now on the ashbin of history, we finally have our WR(and his hands remind me of Rice, i swear), who will get open, plus LaMichael outside, ready for anything coach H puts up. We for the first time in 10 yrs have a complete football team, very good depth, and who knows how many of the UDFAs are going to stick, along with a couple OLs, OLBs, S, DT. This was truly a harbaugh/baalke draft, taking guys where no one else considered them, or if they did, at later picks. This looks to be a fulfilled O that now can join the ST and D, and start another round of dynasty around Santa Clara. Welcome guys, draftees, and UDFAs all. Play hard and this could be your home for a while...with lots of post season appearances.
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