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NY9ERS's 2012 Draft Day Mock

1st round: Janoris Jenkins, CB Northern Alabama

Fleener and Hill are off the board. Top 15 talent happens to fall to pick number 30, and is too hard to say no. The addition gives Culliver the ability to play safety as well, improving the secondary depth in two spots with one pick. The D becomes even better instantly.

2nd Round: Jarel Worthy DE Michigan State

Played DT in college, but could be great as a 3/4 DE in the NFL. Great speed in pass rush situations. Good depth for the line.

3rd Round: Ryan Broyles, WR Oklahoma

Some feel this is a reach. However, Broyles fits the 49ers system perfectly, and even in the third round could potentially be the steal of the draft. His ability to catch short passes and turn them into big gains is exactly what this team needs. Fills the 49ers slot WR position for years to come.49ers need to pick him in this round unless they trade up, as he won't be available by their pick in the 4th.

4th Round: Ryan Miller OG, Colorado

49ers have a potential starting OG for years to come in the 4th round with this pick. His big frame and excellent speed help him both pass protect and run block. He has the ability to pull, and opens up the offense for several options.

5th Round: Cyrus Gray, RB Texas A&M

Surprises some people here, but creates immediate competition in the RB rotation. Jacobs and Davis now know one of them is not making the roster for sure. Gray can block, carry, and catch passes out of the backfield. Gray may end up spending a year on the practice squad, but is worth a gamble.

6th Round: Tydreke Powell, DT UNC

49ers get their DT of the future, and instant Depth with a late round steal. Powell drops because of the poor performance of the UNC Defense as a whole this year, which was certainly not his fault.

7th Round: Chris Owusu, WR Stanford

Harbaugh gets a Stanford guy, who will compete with Kyle Williams and Swain for the last WR spot on the roster. He may spend a year on the practice squad, or he may make the team. Either way, can't go wrong with this pick.

While the team does need S depth, this draft has a few good options at the top, and not much after. The pick of Jenkins allows Culliver to play some more S as well, reducing the need for a pick. After the first two rounds, there isn't really a S that is significantly better than anyone that could be picked up the rest of the day or in FA after. This draft addresses positions of need for depth, and creates competition in many areas.

Excited for tonight!
I like most of those picks, just don't see Worthy dropping to us. If he does, nobody will be happier than me. I see Culliver sticking at CB. Hopefully we get Goldson signed long term, otherwise S becomes a huge need at this time next year.
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