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Irishluder's final 2012 49er draft

***#30 (1st) SF trades pick to Jaguars for #38 (2nd) and #70 (3rd)***
-Jags select WR Stephen Hill

2nd (#38) f/Jags- Amini Silatolu, G/OT, Midwestern State
- A mauler who will make our line a fierce and talented group, we can proudly go against any D line and be confident. Needs some coaching and time to get upto speed with the talent of the NFL game, but will be in good form mid season. Kilgore will focus on his transition to Center.

2nd (#61)- Brian Quick, WR, Appalachian State
- A great small school prospect that has the desired height and speed that our offense needs on the outside. High character and good work ethic, perfect for the 49ers orginization. Will shadow Moss and learn from one of the best with a similar body type.

3rd (#70)- f/Jags- Jared Crick, DE, Nebraska
- Due to injuries, this premeir DE falls to the 3rd. This kid fits the Justin Smith mold of being a hard worker who doesn't quit and loves the game of football. We all hope that Justin plays for several more years, 2 hopefully!, but we NEED a successor who can get some pressure.

3rd (#92)- Markelle Martin, S, Oklahoma State
- We are needing depth at Safety and Dashon Goldson hasn't been the most consistent player. We need to keep competition high to get the most from our players.

4th (#125)- Joe Adams, WR/KR, Arkansas
- Ted Ginn has done alot for us in our ST...BUT he cant play WR...hes a one trick pony and with todays NFL you need players that can play in multiple formations. Bring in Adams and see if he can push Kyle Williams for the final WR spot. If he has a killer training camp, maybe we cut Ginn?? Our roster is that good!

5th (#165)- Chris Greenwood, CB, Albion
- A corner that fits the Baalke mold, big and fast. Small schooler who will sit and learn and has a good chance to make the roster.

6th (#199)- Miles Burris, OLB, San Diego State
- A good late round OLB prospect that can push Haralson

**SF trades 2013 6th and 2012 7th to Eagles for #200**

6th (#200)- James Hanna, TE, Oklahoma
- We passed on Fleener at #30 to get better value in the 2nd. We add Hanna as a tall and fast TE to put in with VD and to add another dynamic for opposing defenses to focus on. Our offense has improved vastly since 2011.
dont trade back only so many people can make our team and that would be throwing picks away
I see what you mean about trading back, but I honestly feel that all these draftee's will have an good chance to make the final roster. If they dont, then thats the benefit of having such a talented roster.

Next years draft is going to be interesting, we may be trading up alot to get quality over quantity.
Great choices, I especially like #1-#7. Keep posting more mocks so I can follow them more closely as you seem to be very knowledgable in the subject.
Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
dont trade back only so many people can make our team and that would be throwing picks away

Trade back and up at the same time. Wind up with four or five solid picks. I like the four picks in the second and third rounds.
I like a lot of the players you've picked...but, have to agree, 8 players for an already packed roster is too many. I think Baalke definitely wants an OG, WR, OLB, S & DL, with RB a possible addition. That's six players...even that could be too many. Yes, some could land on the PS, but the danger there is other teams can pluck them away. I can see Baalke trading up once, maybe twice to come away with 4-5 crack players.
i would take the first 3 picks in a heartbeat
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