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PTulini's 49ers Mock Draft Version 2.0 - FINAL (04.26.12)

1. (30) OG Kevin Zeitler - Wisconsin - 6'3 7/8" 314 lbs.

2. (61) WR Brian Quick - Appalachian State - 6'3 1/2" 220 lbs.

3. (92) TE Michael Egnew - Missouri - 6'5 1/8" 252 lbs.

4. (125) DT Akiem Hicks - Salve Regina - 6'4 5/8" 318 lbs.

5. (165) CB/S Justin Bethel - Presbyterian - 5'11 5/8" 200 lbs.

6. (199) OC Philip Blake - Baylor - 6'2 3/4" 311 lbs.

7. (237) WR Greg Childs - Arkansas - 6'3 1/8" 219 lbs.
[ Edited by PTulini on Apr 25, 2012 at 11:56 PM ]
If we made the first 3 picks like that I would celebrate like it's the worlds end. Wait isn't it the Mayan calender end?....
I would take some convincing before I thought any TE not named Fleener made sense. I'm only reluctantly on board with the Fleener idea because he's clearly the best in the class and because of the Stanford connection. You're getting an almost guaranteed star TE to pair with Vernon and make our offense that much more dynamic.

No reason to take a middling TE with Walker on the roster. I would like your mock a lot better with a RB in that spot. Like Turbin.
I like it
greg childs will be take in round 3 round 4 max no way he drops to 7th round all he ahd was an injury the year he declared
handsome looking mock, but I think we might take a owusu devon wylie type person with our 7th rd pick
I also agree that we shouldn't take a TE in the 3rd. I'm really hoping we trade some of our later picks to get 2 3rd rounders, which we use on Turbin and Crick. Crick's and animal! I can learn from and take over for Justin Smith when he retires!
Like the first 3 picks...don't see Baalke taking a flyer on the Canadian guy. Think he'll be happy to come away from the draft w/4-5 very good players. Just not many roster spots available and even if some land on PS, they're still eligible to be plucked by other teams. If you draft Zeitler, no need to take a C later...KZ's been practicing at C this off-season. He'd upgrade RG now, then slide over to C when Goodwin falters. I could see a S like Richardson...who played in the very tough SEC.
Love this draft Id change Childs for Broyles. Broyles has Jerry Rice hands imo but might not be ready to play this season.

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Like the draft, but from what ive been reading Childs and Blake are slated to go much earlier
Like your first 6 picks. Like Blake as well, but I'm afraid you would have to take him in the 4th.
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