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There was a helicopter involved....

Originally posted by NinerBuff:
Ok yes, you are right, he didn't nail every single draft pick. But that's not what were are going for. He's been consistently drafting well. Throw A. Davis, Iupati, and Bowman in there as well. Now he does have some bad eggs (namely Taylor Mays), but given our putrid track record with 2nd round picks, it's not that big a blemish on his overall drafting.

Really, if we can get 2 good players out of this draft, I would consider it a success. There just isn't a lot of room for new draftees. And our 1st pick has the best chance (because of $ and talent) to make an impact this year.

Bruce Irvin + Aldon Smith + Ahmad Brooks + Parys Haralson = Great, young OLB Core! And we'd probably jettison Haralson after the season anyway. You can never have too many passrushers!

Are we really about to draft the guy from Tekken?
Oh sh(t. The Niners got the chopper out!!!!! Seriously though I wouldn't mind this pick at all! Its a passing and pass rushing league. Keep our defense nasty!!
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