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1st and 2nd picks

Thanks for everybodys mocks really enjoyed reading them and the depth some of you guys go into is unreal.

I've only got one big question and its not necessarily about who we pick but how we pick:

Are we going to use our 1st pick on an instant improvement e.g WR/Fleener

Or we going to go for need e.g CB/OL/(depth at DT).

Only reason is Snyder had an awesome season but is any 1st round pick going to come in and be a huge improvement over him, maybe in a year or so definitely but straight away?

The way i'd go is Big WR or Fleener for hopefully instant impact in the Redzone efficiency, then 2nd round for OL, then 3rd, 4th 5th to add depth to DL, CB and RB

Thats my take on how we should go, what do you guys think?
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Impact player would be ideal
The best player available, weather it's a wr, te or gaurd i don't care but you always go best player available early.
The Niners top priorities are 3rd down conversion, red zone success, front seven depth. If they can use the draft to improve those two areas, they have a legit shot at the SB. Improving those two can be done through improved pass protection or receiving options.

Bottom line, move the chains and score touchdowns. Pretty simple to me.
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