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GorefullBore Mock Draft (Mike Mayock style)

Just as Mike Mayock does, here is my one and only mock draft of the year. As we all know producing an accurate mock is about as easy as getting all of your brackets correct in the NCAA tournament lol. With that in mind here is my best shot.

1.IND - Andrew Luck QB Stanford

The Colts intentions have already been announced. The best move a rebuilding franchise can make is drafting a franchise QB, and Andrew is the best one to come along in a long time.

2. Wash - Robert Griffin III QB Baylor

The reasoning here is much the same as the Colts. The Skins have a lot more quality pieces in place, so I would imagine that RGIII would enjoy earlier success that Andrew will. RGIII will also have the benefit of the Mike and Kyle Shanahan ( despite what Donovan says), and a QB frendly system. I can see him being used similarly to Jake Plummer durring his Denver days.

3. MIN - Matt Kalil T USC

In spite of the recent speculation that the Vikings may go another direction, I don't know how you can pass on Kalil here. If you want to maximize your investment in Christian Ponder you need to keep him upright. Do you really want to go into next season with Charles Johnson as your Left Tackle?

4. CLE - Trent Richardson RB Alabama

The Browns may be tempted by Blackmon, but how can you pass on arguably the best player in the intire draft. I think the drop off from Richardson to the next best RB is greater than that of Blackmon to the next best WR. They should take Richardson and pick up a receiver at 22.

5. TB - Morris Claiborne CB LSU

Tampa would probably love for Trent Richardson to fall here, but I don't see it. Barber is old and may move to FS, and Talib cannot be counted on to stay out of trouble.

6. STL - Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma St.

The Rams finally get Bradford a receiver.

7. Jax - Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame

If I were the Jags I would not feel content going into the season with Laurent Robinson and Lee Evans as your top targets. Right or wrong, they invested a premium pick in Gabbert and need to give him the best chance possible.

8. Mia - Ryan Tannehill QB Texas A&M

Tannehill is going to go somewhere in the top 10. Why not reuinte with his college coach in the pros. Mike Sherman might be able to get the most out of him.

9. Car - Stephon Gilmore CB So. Carolina

Carolina was last in yards per attemt against last year. Gilmore who has been moving up draft boards should help in that department.

10. Buf - Mark Barron S Alabama

The Bills could go OT here, but there are rumblings that they have some young guys on their roster that they like. Why not continue the defensive re-vamp and add an impact player on the back end?

11. KC - Luke Kuechly ILB Boston College

Kuechly could form an extremely productive ILB tandom with Derrick Johnson.

12. Sea - Melvin Ingram DE So. Carolina

The Seahawks are rumored to be looking to suplement their pass rush. Ingram is the best on the board.

13. Ari - Riley Reiff T Iowa

Part of the problem for Arizona has been their neglect of the O-Line

14. Dal - Michael Brockers DT LSU

The Cowboys who reportedly are salivating for Mark Barron have to go for the next guy on their board. Their play at DE has really seemed to fall off the last few years. Brockers will help.

15. Phi - Fletcher Cox DT Mississippi State

Last seasons switch to the wide 9 set on the D-Line left them vulnerable to runs up the middle. They hope Cox will help solidify this area.

16. NYJ - Chandler Jones OLB/DE Syracuse

The Jets have a solid D, but pass rush has been an achilles heal for a while now.If they solve this problem their D may have a chance to be great. Jones who has flown up boards will provide pressure form the outside.

17. Cin - David DeCastro G Stanford

The Bangles solidify their O-Line and provide Andy Dalton with a body gaurd. DeCastro and his nasty disposition will also be a presence in the running game.

18. SD - Cordy Glenn OL Georgia

The Chargers has a lot of holes at LT and LG, and could also use an upgrade at RT. The veraitile Glenn could fill one of these spots and help keep Rivers productive.

19. Chi - Quinton Coples DE North Carolina

The Bears could use a rusher on the other side of Peppers. If Coples can play like he did in 2010 he may prove to be one of the better values of the draft.

20. TEN - Whitney Mercilus DE/OLB Illinois

Even with the additon of Wimbley another pass rusher is needed. Mercilus could be a very valuable guy in the D-Line rotation.

21. Cin - Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama

The Bangles missed Jonathan Joseph last year, and Nate Clements is on the old side. Dre could fit in very nicely.

22. Cle - Stephen Hill WR Georgia Tech

This one hurts a little, but after adding their RB the Browns tag Hill who could be a dynamic player in the not to distant future.

23. Det - Jonathan Martin T Stanford

Jeff Backus is old and will need to be replaced soon. Martin might not be ready to start in year one, but with a year of development in a system could be a very capable player by year two.

24. Pit - Dontari Poe DT Memphis

Poe is not guaranteed to be here, but he is such and enigmatic player with reportedly poor tape. He is one of the wild cards of the draft, with the potential to go anywhere between pick 9 and the second round. Casey Hampton is on his last legs. If Poe is here I think they will pounce. If given the luxury of a year behind Hampton maybe he can be a player in the future.

25. Den - Coby Fleener TE Stanford

This one would hurt about as bad as Hill going to the Browns would. I know they need a DT, but maybe they feel they can get a good enough guy in round 2. They paid out the you know what for Peyton Manning. I can see them doing what the Colts did all those years and continue to put weapons around him. Plus Elway may want to add a fellow Stanford allum. I think that Fleener would be an upgrade over Tamme and Dreessen and could fit in well.

26. Hou - Kendall Wright WR Baylor

The Texans need someone to produce at WR other than Andre Johnson. Wright is a player that Kubiak can be creative with adding more playmaking ability form the WR position.

27. NE - Shea McClellin OLB/DE Boise State

Andre Carter is unsigned and the Pats need a player who can provide pressure form a varitey of positions in their 4-3 3-4 hybrid. Bill Belichick will love McClellin's versatility.

28. GB - Andre Branch OLB/DE Clemson

The Pack's D sufferd last year, in part because they didn't have anyone to draw attention away form Clay Mathews. Andre Branch could serve that purpose.

29. Bal - Donta Hightower ILB Alabama

The Ravens could very well take Konz here, but Poe's fall caused Hightower to fall as well. The Ravens snatch him up to serve as Ray Ray's understudy for a year or two..

30. SF - Kevin Zeitler G Wisconsin

Finally, everyone's favorite pick. If Stephen Hill or Coby Fleener are here I think we take one of them. I'm just not convinced that will be the case. I would be perfectly okay if we took Zeitler in this scenario. This pick would allow us to continue to groom Kilgore as our future Center, and keep Alex Boone as the swing tackle.. Zeitler is an intense competitor and would fit in well with our O-Line group. I suppose that we could consider Rueben Randle, Janoris Jenkins, Doug Martin, or Peter Konz as well, but Zeitler seems like the right choice under these conditions. Silatolu has been mentioned as well( He went to my High School, so that would be cool if we took him), but there are concerns about his ability to pick up a system. I wouldn't mind that pick, but Zeitler seems like more of a sure thing. The bottom line is that we have complete freedom to take anyone we want. It all come down to what Trent and Jim want to do. I trust their judgement completely.

31. NE - Harrison Smith S Notre Dame

The Pats DB's were terrible last year. If their is a corner worth taking they would probably go that route, but I think they jump on the chance to take Smith and pair him with Patrick Chung to form a solid duo.

32. NYG - Doug Martin RB Boise State

Ahmad Bradshaw hasn't proven that he can handle the whole load yet. Adding a player like Martin who is a good value here could be a wise move.

And the rest of the NIners picks:

R2 Brian Quick WR App State

Quick wouldn't play a major role in year one, but he wouldn't have to. He would have the luxury of playing a reduced role in year one while getting acclimated to the pro game. It was reported that we was slow to adjust at the Senior Bowl, so this approach may work well for him. Give him some time to develop behind the scenes and in a year or two perhaps he can be an impact player. We need to address our long term future at WR.

R3 Billy Winn DE Boise State

Winn could provide solid depth behind Justin and Ray. He could be part of a rotaton keeping everyone fresh.

R4 Jonathan Massaquai OLB Troy

I think it is important that we find a 4th OLB for the rotation. Massaquai can be the 4th OLB and situational pass rusher with Aldon settling in as the starter. If they can get a solid rotation going it will keep everyone fresh. Massaquai would serve a similar role for the OLB's as Winn would for the DL.

R5 Akiem Hicks DT Regina

We could use a young developing player behind Soap. Isaac will be 31 before the start of the season, so it wouldn't hurt to start developing a guy in case his play starts to slip soon. Hicks has intriguing size at 6-5 324 and may be worth a look somewhere in the draft.

R6 Janzen Jackson S McNeese St.

We are very thin at safety behind Dashon and Donte.We can use a young player with talent in that group. Jackson fits the bill. There is some risk to him, but in round 6 I think it is worth it. He can also help out on Special teams.

R7 Chris Owusu WR Stanford

Jim finally gets one of his Stanford guys. Owusu's concussions are a concern, buy a 7th round pick isn't a huge investment. He is worth the look.

Potential Undrafted FA:

Chris Galippo ILB USC

Galippo remindes me of Costanzo. Maybe he can be a similar type of player on Special Teams and back up the ILB spot after Larry Grant leaves next year.

Donte Paige- Moss DE/OLB North Carolina

Donte has some character concers, but as an udfa there is no risk. Let him come in and compete with Massaquai for the 4th OLB spot.

Well, that's it. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Oh and if there are any errors pleas excuse them. It's 4:45 in the morning and I have been workin on this for 3 hours, good thing I don't have to work today lol. Enjoy. Your feedback is appreciated.
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i like it.
wouldn't mind this at all
That would be a nice draft. Covers all the needs.
Good draft and I agree Fleener & Hill will be gone.

Big Q is Will we trade up or back?

We have an incredible poker player in Baalke and this is going to be a blast to watch.
  • sfout
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I think we'll take Silatolu instead of Zeitler but agree that Guard will be the pick. Love the entire mock though and would seriously want this to happen.
  • DRnSFw
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your mock is the best man! I like our pick keep up the good work
really good mock
FYI, its Janzen Jackson S McNeese St.
Another great defense-focused mock!

6th rd is a little late to get a good S...I also don't see Baalke taking a flyer on the kid from Canada. If anything, he'll trade up once, maybe twice to get quality over quantity. There just aren't many roster spots to be had this year.
Originally posted by DRnSFw:
your mock is the best man! I like our pick keep up the good work

the best mock draft on the zone ever
Originally posted by jta854:
FYI, its Janzen Jackson S McNeese St.

Fixed. Like I said it was really late when I was typing this. Maybe I was thinking about Janoris Jenkins or something lol.
Originally posted by CorvaNinerFan:
6th rd is a little late to get a good S...I also don't see Baalke taking a flyer on the kid from Canada. If anything, he'll trade up once, maybe twice to get quality over quantity. There just aren't many roster spots to be had this year.

You might be right about the safety position, but Jackson has some character concers so he may fall. You also may be right about a trade. I just don't like to predict trades in my mocks as they are very hard to predict. Thanks for all the positive feedback guys, I'm glad you like it.

Originally posted by sfout:
I think we'll take Silatolu instead of Zeitler but agree that Guard will be the pick. Love the entire mock though and would seriously want this to happen.

I'm starting to wonder whether or not I should have mocked Silatolu to us instead. I'd be cool with either choice. Silatolu did go to my high school, so that would make that pick kind of cool. As far as my mock, I will go ahead and stick with Zeitler though.
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