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Trade up proposal to secure the best prospect of the last 15 years

That's right, the greatest prospect of the last 15 years, and possibly of all time. The sure-fire future hall of famer. The Stanford phenom...Coby Fleener. My proposal is to trade our first, 2nd, 3rd and next year's first, second, 3rd, and the following year's first, second and third, to trade up to #3 overall. My only hope is that the Colts and Redskins don't come to their senses and pick him. We all know that there is 0 chance Fleener makes it to #4, therefore we must pick him at #3, or our franchise will forever be doomed. If we do draft him, we will be winning every Super Bowl from here on in. Even after he retires. He will be critical on 3rd downs, not only as a receiver, but also as a QB and offensive lineman...all on the same play! Our red zone conversion percentage will sky rocket to 100% (on bad days).

in case my frustration over the trade-up talks for a good not great TE are not obvious, I will restate it. Cobe Fleener is an avg. first rd. TE prospect. Perhaps with Tom Brady throwing the ball to him he could be really good, but chances are, in our system, while he would be helpful, he would not be more than a 700 yard/ 7 TD player. Not while VD is there. Those numbers would, of course, be fantastic from a #2 TE, and he would be great on 3rd downs, and in the red zone, and would give us a more traditional TE. However, some suggestions that we should be packaging our 2nd round pick, or even our 1st next year...WTF? Where do people think he's going? Top 7? He'll likely be there at 30, and it's also likely that someone more valuable will be there at 30 as well.
This couldn't go in a Fleener thread?
The sad thing is that believed you were serious up until the second paragraph

I agree the manlove for Fleener is getting out of control. I think he is a good player and wouldn't be upset if we picked him at #30. But people need to get a grip on reality as to his true value. We picked Vernon Davis at #6 overall. That is mostly because the WRs that year sucked. In this years draft, VD would probably go after Blackmon and Floyd. Probably in the 15-20 range. Fleener is no where near the athlete that VD is. He is not as good of a prospect. Therefore, the idea that he is worth anymore than a late 1st round pick is crazy.

It is likely though that someone will pick him too early. LET THEM DO IT!
OK, you had me there with the first paragraph. Had to do a double take to the second part to realized you are not another insane Fleener fan.
your wrong...

he's the greatest prospect since Jerry Rice.
He wasn't even considered the best tight end in this draft until a couple of months ago
Ok but not another thread.
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