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According to Mayock's Value Board, Make Our #92 Pick

According to Mayock's Value Board, Make Our #92 Pick

Since we are waiting for Thursday, might as well pick the 3rd round using Mayock's Top 100 Value Board.
I went with Sanu because he is a very talented receiver who has fallen due to his slow 40 time at the combine. Mayock thinks that Sanu will never separate, and all the throws his way will be contested. But Wes Bunting points out that he has a quick first step and is a crisp route runner for his size. Sanu reminds me of Anquan Boldin who rarely caught a deep ball, but ran roughshod through our secondary on way too many occasions. Oh, an excellent blocker too.
What about Greg Child's?
guyton or jones
I think Chris Polk carries more value at that pick, but it would be difficult to fit him into our rotation unless Jacobs is cut on the first day of OTAs. So, Sanu would be my choice.
Originally posted by Butter:
What about Greg Child's?

Mayock didn't list Greg Child within +/- 3 of our pick, which is how I arrived at the selections. Fire Mayock an email cause Greg Childs didn't make his top 100.
Polk would be great....gotta get rid of Jacobs

and I wouldnt care
I like Marvin Jones better then Polk there. Sanu's YPC with all those receptions is pretty low, I'd stay away from him.
marvin jones or polk but i'm leaning towards jones. we already have sanu in crabtree.
Marvin Jones is IMO very overrated at the moment. I wouldn't take him before the 4th round considering the depth of the WR class.

If Mayoks draft value chart is accurate, the cries to trade down multiple time should be listened to. The Niners could get a lot of talent in rounds 2 and 3 to set themselves up for the future.

This weekend should be fun
I'd go with Bobby Wagner in this scenario. It's not a need, but he is far and away a better player than the other guys around that slot IMO.
Marvin Jones put up decent numbers in his Cal career with bad QBing(combined 56% completion percentage combined), this was evident at the senior bowl when he, in my opinion, lit it up. The three QB's throwing to him there were a combined 70% completion percentage. Dude goes up after everything and is a great downfield blocker(harbaugh loves that)! i think whoever takes him will get a great WR. Also, yeah we upgraded our WR corps, but Moss is here for MAYBE one year and Mario for 2, this needs to be addressed and I think our best value for WR will be in the third.
Of course it would depend on what we did with our first two picks, but if WR is still a need, Marvin Jones could look very good at 92.
i cant make a 3rd round pick with out knowing who we take in the first 2 rds..
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