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Trade back!!!!

I think we should trade our #30 pick & our #61 picks for the Ram's #33 & #39.

They're several ways we could go with two high second round picks. One scenerio I would do is Alshon Jeffery at #33. I like his size, hands, red zone target, and ability to catch in middle. Or Rueben Randle.
At #39 I would take Kevin Zeitler, it's a position of need. Also he also plays center. Could be out future center. If Zeitler is gone we could pick Aimini Silatolu.

If we don't take a WR early, I think Tommy Streeter, 6-5 4.3-4.4, could still be picked up in the 3rd or 4th. Develop and learn from Moss.
Trade back into the draft forum.
the rams would be stupid to give up 2 top 40 picks to trade up 3 spots
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Nickbradley doesn't like you or your unrealistic trade scenario.
Originally posted by DVDA:
Nickbradley doesn't like you or your unrealistic trade scenario.

Nice try - I only dislike trade scenarios when it's part of a mock draft, *because* it defeats the purpose of a mock draft.

This isn't very plausible, but it doesn't bother me.

This trade is *totally* uneven and I see no point of the Rams doing it. Math:

Rams picks: 1,090 points
49ers Picks: 912 points

Difference: 178 points, equal to our 3rd and 4th round picks.

So if you proposed the 49ers sending their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round picks to the Rams for their 2 #2s, it would be realistic.

but then you would have to ask yourself: why do the Rams want to trade up three spots?
While I don't think this particular trade is likely, I do like the idea of trying to get two high 2nd round picks. The teams that pick right after #30 (Pats, Giants, Rams, Colts) are not likely to pick a WR then. So we could probably get Randle or Jeffery a few spots later.

Here is another scenario:

Our 1st (#30) for the Colts 2nd (#34) and 4th (#97) - not a totally even trade since the Colts 4th rounder is very high. But they may be looking to leap-frog the Giants here to pick Peter Kontz. We could throw in a 6th rounder to sweeten the deal.

Then trade our 2nd (#62), our 3rd (#94) and the Colts 4th (#97) to someone picking in the #36-38 range.

That would leave us picking at #34, #37ish, and our original 4th, 5th, and 7th round positions.
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I argued to trade back months ago...if the right guys fall I'm all for it
Why would STL trade with us, and why would we help the Rams out? Sorry makes no sense.
I am all for trading back if you know you can get the guy you want with that pick. I don't care if its just for an extra 7th rounder more picks mean more trading flexibility. The scenario you suggest I don't see any team doing that trade especially a team with in there own division.
I am for trading back but with all the competition we are loading up on the depth chart as of now it would not surprise me if we traded a pick to move up in the draft to draft an impact player on offense.

With a full D returning, I see trading up to get an immediate contributor more likely.
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