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My Non-Flashy mock

Rd 1 - Kevin Zeitler, OG // Wisonsin // Brought in to compete at once with Kilgore at RG. Has reportedly been working out at center as well.
Rd 2 - George Iloka, FS // Boise St // Provides depth behind Goldson. Will play ST and have one year under his belt in 2013 as insurance if Goldson leaves.
Rd 3 - Greg Childs, WR // Arkansas // Should be fully recovered from a 2010 knee injury. Tall (6'3") Big (219) Fast (4.41)
Rd 4 - Derek Wolfe, DL // Cincinnati // At 6'5" and 295 lbs, with a never say die attitude, let him learn under Justin Smith for a year or two.
Rd 5 - Micah Pellerin, CB // Hampton // Small school corner with good size/ speed combo. Will play ST and has possibility to grow into Dime CB role.
Rd 6 - Miles Burris, OLB // San Diego St // Hard-nosed and relentless with a nose for the ball. Sounds like a core ST guy who will provide depth at OLB.
Rd 7 - Joe Martinek, RB // Rutgers // Was converted to FB for senior year. Can play either position in the backfield. A natural pass catcher.

As I said, this isn't a flashy draft. With the exception of Zeitler, none of these players may contribute a lot outside of ST in 2012, but this would set us up with depth at some key positions (FS, DL, CB and RB) for 2013 and beyond. Joe Martinek may not be highly touted here on the board, but his skill set brings back memories of Roger Craig.
no no no.
Wolfe won't be there.
Originally posted by nickbradley:
no no no.

Thanks for the input.
There is non -flashy and then there is poor drafting. Not that anyone of of these players is bad, but if you are not drafting talent with the potential to start in the top three rounds you are doing it wrong. If you draft for backups...thats what you get, backups. Long story short I like the Zietler pick, But I would be Hunting for more immediate value in rounds 2 and 3. I like your picks in 4,5,and 6 if they were there. 7 I might go boom/bust somebody with an injury or charcter issue that could clear up and be a surprise.
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I like the 3rd round pick alot I don't think Derek Wolfe will be available in the 4th round. For the most part iv'e seen a 2nd to 3rd round grade on him. I like the Zeitler Pick to an extent i just believe if we do pick him it would be more of a trade back type scenario. Other than that pretty solid mock.
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
Wolfe won't be there.

I agree, not a chance...might sneak into the 1st...
Move Wolfe up to the 2nd round pick and take your safety (Brandon Hardin or Aaron Henry) in the fourth and this is a better draft.
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