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My Final 7 Round Draft

The Niners are adding depth in this Draft and maybe 1st year starters. This is a depth draft in the areas we really need it.
1(30) Coby Fleener,TE,Stanford. I know most of you back up Walker but he's going to be a free agent next year and Coby will fill that hole so we don't have to resign him. Coby has the height and the hands to do damage next to Vernon.

2(61) Juron Criner, WR, Arizona. He is a tall next level prospect and is ready to even Start for the number 2 receiver slot. He has a good vertical and has a fast burst speed. We can add depth at WR and this is the guy.

3(92) Nigel Bradham,OLB, Florida St. We need Depth in OLB and we do have great OLB but one extra addition would help. Bradham has the height and speed to be a rusher and pass blocker.

4(125) Senio Kelemete, OG, Washington. We need to add depth at RG and Kelemete did very good protecting Keith Price in college and would be very good in the pros. He's big and strong and will give Alex Smith more time to pick his many targets.

5(165) DeAngelo Tyson, DT, Georgia. NT is our need and Tyson has played that position and is good at it. We need a person to eventually replace Sopoaga and Tyson is in my eyes ready.

6(199)Jake Bequette, DE, Arkansas. With our DE getting older we need to build replacements and work on them. Bequette is a good project who played in the defense ready SEC so he's tough and at 6'5" he is a ready to start in our 3-4 defense.

7(237) Neiko Thorpe, FS, Auburn. We need depth in FS and Thrope is a breakout waiting to happen he is fast and he has hops. He has NFL potential and could be the surprise of our draft like Bruce Miller was also in the 7th round.

Undrafted Free Agents: Trent Baalke has been a UDFA type of guy and he might sign 2 or 3 just to give them chances. Our secondary couch as attracted 3 CB that might go undrafted.
Jeremy Lane, CB, Northwestern St. A tall CB he has speed and the vertical to succeed. The only reason he's going Undrafted is his small school status. We all know Baalke loves small school prospects.
Cliff Harris,CB,Oregon. A very good CB who would of been drafted but due to off the field issues won't. He is fast and has hops and is also a Punt and Kick returner.
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Nice. I almost had Criner in my final mock. And he may be available in the third when we pick and he would be good value there if we selected him
Yea good draft i came up with
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He's asking to lock his own thread and then ban himself............
rather have greg childs at WR instead
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rather have greg childs at WR instead

Yea i can't argue with that i just choose Criner but i was goin to put Brian Quick also
Yes on 1. No on 2.
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Yes on 1. No on 2.

Brian Quick or Marvin Jones at 2

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