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My final mock

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1. David Wilson RB, Va Tech

Wilson will be Gore's successor in a couple years. Dixon will definitely be gone even if we don't draft a RB. The addition of Wilson may mean Jacobs don't make the roster.

2.(trade up) Brian Quick, WR, Appalachian St.

The 9ers trade up in the 2nd to select Quick in the 2nd.

4Lucas Nix, OG, Pitt

Will battle for the RG position or serve as a key backup while we see what the others can do.

5. Janzen Jackson, FS, McNeese St.

Need depth at Safety and dude is a baller though off field concerns.

6. Kourtnei Brown, OLB, Clemson

depth at a position we need depth.

7. B.J. Cunningham WR

1 of the biggest sleepers in the draft.
If you are going to take a RB in the first, what about Doug Martin? I know Wilson is faster than Martin, but doesn't he have a tendency to bounce everything outside?

Here is Emmett Smith's take on Doug Martin while watching plays from the Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona State games:

SMITH'S TAKE: His speed isn't bad, not bad at all. He definitely has enough speed. Did you see him make that jump cut and get forward? I love that. Finishes runs. Nice cut, nice read. Puts his foot in the ground and gets north-south. Tough inside, nice balance, very good vision, patience.

He has very good feet. He's an inside guy -- see how that counter is downhill and he stays inside? His problem is he might be too much of a between-the-tackles runner -- like me [laughs]. Great balance, good core strength. Goes downhill and gets back inside. Strong legs. Good out in open space, he's not taking the big hits. I see the injury risks as pretty low for him, his falls aren't damaging to the body.

This kid has some skills, great read ability and he hits it hard. Patient, creative, willing to take chances. Good run instincts. Holds the ball in right position. Great vision, very good balance and lower center of gravity. I love how he finishes runs. Enough speed, between-the-tackles type of runner. Doesn't go wide for long, gets downhill eventually. Sets up his blocks up pretty well and it takes more than one tackler to bring him down. First hit won't bring him down, it's going to take more than one.
i had to stop after taking a RB

taking :gores replacement" which is still down the road and taking a 3rd RB in the frst just after we signed javobs

thats just wasting a pick especially when any RB not named trent richardson would be a 3rd rounder at best in next years draft
it could be me, but there are a number of receivers that are around the same skill level sitting at the low first round to mid second round picks. not sure if anyone really distinguishes themselves from the pack. the same situation exists for guards, it seems like there are several that might be available.

i'm honestly hoping that someone wants our 1st round pick and we're able to grab a four or five guys in rounds 2-4.

of course, that was the case last year on qbs and after that big run on them, balke felt the need to trade up to get kap.
Luv ya krizay, and nothing against Wilson, but I highly doubt we take a RB with our 1st round pick. The rest are solid picks, but RB at #30....can't see it.
Good mock.

Don't care for RB in 1st.

Really like Quick and Nix.
I think Harbiugh would relly like to implement his true offense this year. 3TEs set and run the ball while having having the threat in the outside. Prediction:
1st rnd: Fleener (if Fleener is gone, then David Wilson)
2nd rnd: DT
3rd rnd: TE/WR
Next year's draft is stacked at RB, IMHO now is not the time to replace Gore unless it's a blockbuster deal to move up for Richardson.
I really like this draft. Based on mebemused's comments, either back would be attractive. It would even cooler if they could trade out of the first and still get their guy.

One suggestion: according to Mel Kuiper's draft board, Martin's going at 49, LaMichael James at 57, and Wilson at 63. The 49er's could trade their first for the #18 pick in the 2nd round (49)and that team's 3rd round pick easily (the 49ers would be giving up a few points in the draft value). This would give them more ammo to trade up.
Don't want a RB in 1st. In fact we don't need any RBs at all. Maybe next year, but the rest of your mock is pretty good.

Okay draft, just don't see RB in the first.
For once, I have to compliment u on a nice draft altho I think we can move back a lil if we want Wilson. I like him alot and Quick has potential as well. Also like the Janzen Jackson pick altho I think he'll go a lil higher
So... You're saying that the roster will have 4 RB's? Gore, Hunter, Wilson, Jacobs...
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I think it's better to draft Gore's replacement a year early than a year too late. But I don't know, I think Jacobs can do fine this year so would a rookie even be active on game days?
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