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Final Mock

I have not been a guy on the Fleener bandwagon but Iv'e come around. He of all the possible 1st round selections would pose problems for apposing defenses and would maximize Alex Smith's strengths. That said i think the whole league knows if he's availabe at #30 its a no-brainer decision. I think he will be drafted earlier then expected, possible #22 to Cleveland, #25 to Denver, or #26 to Houston or another team trading up. I don't believe we should be fixated on the first round so much. If we trade up, I believe it will be in rounds 2-5. This mock has no trades involved and speculates purely on our picks as slotted. I also believe our needs to be at OG/C, DL, Safety, OLB depth, and WR. I think Fleener is the only TE we would draft this year.

Round 1
Kevin Zeitler OG Wisconsin- I think this is Baalke's guy, he should be available at 30 and would fill our only open starting spot. I think Fleener is the only person who we would draft at this slot ahead of Zeitler. A WR like Hill or Wright could be there but I'm not sure those guys are that much better then anyone we could get in round 2 or 3.
Also of note, Zeitler has been working at Center as well.

Round 2
Brian Quick WR Appalacian State- I'm not 100% confident he will make it to #61 but the 2nd round is the right time to trade up and the WR position is deep in 2nd round talent with Quick, Sanu, Jeffery and Randle. Quick is a productive small school guy who hasn't ever had top notch coaching. Call it a hunch, but Quick is my prediction. At 6'4 220 he projects as a great blocker as well

Round 3
Markelle Martin FS Oklahoma State- We have depth issues at Safety and we really wont have many open spots on our roster for rookies. Martin is 6'1 207, a ballhawk center field type who would excel on ST and provide insurance if Goldson bolts next year. Spillman is more of a SS.

Round 4
Billy Winn DT Boise State- DL is another spot a rookie actually has a shot. We have 3 starters, a 7th(RJF) and 3 UDFA's as our DL depth. We need more talent at the position. Winn could rotate at 3-4 End and play Tackle on 3rd downs. This also fits his draft projection.

Round 5
Miles Burriss OLB San Diego State- A little undersized at 6'3 235 but thats why he's rated as a 5-6 rounder. We have depth issues at OLB and this kid has been very produtive. Depth and special teams would be his 2012 role

Round 6
Justin Bethel CB Presbyterian College- Small school corner with Safety size. 6'0 200 Held his own at the East-West and had a solid if unspectacular combine. 4.53 40, 10'11'' broadjump. Led team in tackles as a senior, 4 year starter

Round 7
Cliff Harris KR/CB Oregon- This probably won't be our pick but KR is a spot we could use some insurance behind Ginn. Whoever we draft at WR could be the end to Kyle Williams tenure. Harris has alot of baggage and probably wont ever contribute at CB but 7th round picks are a crapshoot.

If we draft Fleener in round 1, it might look a little more like
2. Amini Silatolu OG Midwestern State
3. Martin
4. Winn
5. Ryan Broyles WR/KR Oklahoma
6. Jaquies Smith OLB Mizzou
7. Bethel
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Good post.

I like option 2 better.

Getting Broyles in the 5th will be a steal.
I really like option 1. Option 2 would be nice except Silatolu is really moving up and might be chosen in the first.

Markelle Martin and Billy Winn are two of my favorite prospects so getting them both would be amazing!
I like it. I have Zeitler, Quick, and Winn in my mock draft as well.
I could live with this draft, good job.
Option #2 works best. Harris is a knucklehead and he is just a smaller version of Perrish Cox who would already signed in free agency. Good value all the way through. Nice mock!
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Wouldn't mind this draft at all, but Billy Winn in the 4th, don't really see that happening.
Great mock, you address all our needs. The best thing about this mock is no fleener or RB! Good job!
I have never seen a team with 1st round picks across the O-line, excluding our center. Staley, Iupati, Davis, now Zeitler. If this happens we better have the best offensive line in the league next year.
option #2 give me the "O" face

Prefer option 2, but good mock
We will see, Winn and Broyles probably go in the 3rd, we will see. Can't wait!
I like both of 'em, maybe the 2nd one just a little better. Nice job, man.
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