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Michael Brockers LSU

Is there any chance that this player could possibly fall to 30? He's a beast. I feel like we can add some depth on the D-line and bring in a future replacement for Justin Smith in Michael Brockers. Baalke likes to bring in young bucks with ton of potential with less experience and exposure in the first round ala Aldon and A. Davis. What do you think about this guy?

No. I think his floori is at 25 with the Broncos. Could go as early as 6th to the Rams
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No. He has the highest upside of any DL in the draft. More upside than Cox, but more risk.
You just started this thread b/c you saw him pushing a semi-truck on ESPN's Sport Science. lol
He's going top 10. I think the Rams and Panthers specifically will target him. I wish he would fall, he is a freak and IMO is a top 5 or 7 talent.
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