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Best mock I've seen so far

Would have liked the mock better if we switched Silatolu with Jeffery and Crick with Silatolu.
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Originally posted by RishikeshA:
Originally posted by hofer36:
last year the niners established an image as a tough, physical bad ass team...silatolu fits that image to a T--so i could certainly see him being the pick

I also think you'll see an offensive linemen with the first round. Though Baalke is unpredictable.

The 49ers already have three first round picks on the O-line and you think they're going to take another one? That's not the way that most teams are built. The 9ers may indeed be interested in Silatolu if he drops to the middle rounds, but at #30 I'd expect them to go in a different direction.
It's not the best mock I've seen (have looked at a hundred, at least)...and it's not the worst. Here's what I'd do instead:

- Fleener (way too much value to pass on, given he already knows Harbaugh's offense)
- Brandon Brooks, OG
- Brian Quick, WR
- Brandon Taylor/Antonio Allen, S
- Kyle Wilber/Miles Burriss, OLB
- Hebron Fangupo, NT
- Tashaun Gipson, CB
I like any mock that gets us Jared Crick.
Could happen, rather trade back if Fleener is off the board
Any projection that doesn't include Fleener in the first is already ahead of the others that do.

The Niners IMO are too smart to pick in a position at which we already have 3 very good players and is NOT a position of need. The viral Fleener-love on this site has assumed absurd proportions. Trade up for Fleener!!??

I really like the Silatolu pick. He would be a pefect complement to Iupati on the other side. A mean, don't-mess-with-me mauler to protect the inside. It would also complement the team's personality.

If not the right OLineman in the first (which I expect), then one of many mean-spirited DL/Pass-rusher who could disrupt the QB in the first. OL/DB in rd2/3.

WR (Streeter or similar) in a later round.

I would expect this to happen.
We def are trying to juice up the offense. so i cant see us passing on Fleener. or Hill in the first.
Im not thrilled with Silatolu at 30 but the Oline seems to be the biggest need. I wouldnt be surprised by this but would love to land Fleener.
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