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Use The First Pick To Draft An Offensive Guard

If Peter Konz is there, why not take him? We'll need to get a center soon and he could compete with kilgore or start at RG from Day 1 if Kilgore is getting manhandled. I agree with OTC, Konz is the best interior lineman at #30. We could trade back into the early 2nd and take him there. and if we trade back and miss out on him, the worst thing that could happen is that we end up with Zeitler,, Brooks Osemele, or Silatolu, have 2 2nd rd picks and 2 3rd rd picks. Thats definitely not a bad consolation prize if you ask me..

By the way, OTC, youre really sleepin on Brian Quick in the second round..i seriously think he's alot better than Sanu..
Im happy you see that Fleener isnt the only good TE in the draft, majority of his value comes from knowing the system already. Green in the 3rd-4th would be a good value pick.
This is how I see these going down as of now, the niners brought in several FA guards to possibly sign after the draft if at the time of the draft they don't get who they want at guard in the first. If they don't have to move up much they will trade up and take Decastro. If he or whoever they target is gone they will take BPA then take a guard in the second. Even if they sign a guard in FA, they will need to draft one as we lost two OL this off season. Those who assume Kilgore is ready and is an upgrade over Snyder, must remember that Chilo was penciled in as the starter in the begining. You need as much competition then pick the BP to start.

If moving up to get Decastro or if there is another is to costly then they will go after whoever is there, whether it is Fleener, Hill, Randall or even a RB from Alabama. You never know what teams are thinking. Rodgers slid big time one he was expected to go at the top of the draft. Others are inexplicbly taken higher than people thought because of desperation (ie Miami or Browns taking a QB).

Even though it is a passing league now, because there are a lot of wr, some that may take a wr may pass, like those with high draft picks like the rams as they figure they can still get quality in the second. Like the Browns who want a QB, but some people think they may go wr to help their current QB, but Holgren doesn't think you need to draft a wr high. Also who is to say Jeff Fisher will take Blackmon, he wants to get Bradford help, but he needs to shore up defense to, so he may go D and then with two 2nd rounders go wr with both or at least one in the second and one in the third.

However, I am sure whoever you hope for, you will be like me holding my breath that we get a good one, hoping that we don't curse too much as some of the desired ones on our boards remain there when we pick or that Baalke is bold.
I'm warming up to the idea of Kilgore at RG, as well as a free agent or mid-round pick brought in to compete. I don't think the value is there to select a guard at #30. There will be a bigger difference maker available when we pick. Not to mention we've already invested 3 1st round picks on the o-line.
We've put a lot of $ and three 1st rounders into the Oline. We've neglected drafting playmakers on offense for far too long. We have a mediocre offense because we didn't have WRs, not because we lacked a RG.
Originally posted by jsaniner:
These are the reasons we need to use the first pick to draft a guard to replace Snyder.

1. The position is critical to the success of the O-Line. This was demonstrated when the line struggled last year until Snyder replaced Rachel. Snyder played at a high level that will be hard to duplicate.

2. Some may think Kilgore can replace Snyder, but he is a late round choice that is untested in game situations. It would be foolish and risky to assume he can just step in as a starter.

3. The signings of Moss and Manningham and re-signing of Ginn reduces the need to spend a first round choice on a wide receiver. The signing of Jacobs reduces the need to do the same on a running back.

4. The quality free agents at guard are already signed. There doesn't appear to be much of value left in the free agent pool.

5. Every position except right guard has a proven experienced starter signed. It's obvious that's the greatest need.

6.The best offensive guards, De Castro and Glenn, will be long gone (unless Baalke trades up, unlikely). The top remaining candidates appear to be Zeitler (Wisconsin), Osemele (Iowa State), and Silatolu (Midwestern St.).

I don't get point #2. Kilgore is untested I agree but wouldn't the guy we draft be too.

The front office/coaches know what they are doing. They know what Kilgore can do more than anyone on this board. Plus since they are bringing in all these vet guards to workout they want an insurance policy. They don't want to be put into a situation come draft day where they must draft a specific position in round 1. Good teams have this luxury.
Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
id rather get a playmaker in 1st such as wright or fleener maybe even alshon jeffery

then trade up in 2nd for one of those G

i agree, although not on jeffery, i dont think he is worth the #30. but we need a playmaker, i am hoping hill falls to us.
Hopefully the RG situation is like MLB situation last year. We were worried about an unproven Bowman starting, hopefully Harbaugh and roman have the same confidence in Kilgore. Still would want Konz at #30 though.
I could get behind drafted Konz at #30, but I'd still prefer to go Fleener or D-line and get a Center/back-up interior OL later in the draft (Brewster, Molk, Vlachos).

My problem with drafting any guard besides DeCastro is the same problem I have with starting Kilgore: the effect on Anthony Davis. That's why I'd much prefer a one-year veteran option. I don't think there will be much of a difference this year between a rookie OG and Kilgore.
BPA by all means and trade 5 - 7 draft picks, odds are they are not going to make this team.
Why do people not get this.... you don't spend a 1st round pick on an interior OL! It usually is not good value for the pick. You can draft guys in rounds 2-5 that can be quality starters in the NFL at the OG and C positions. But they usually need a year or two to develop.

That is why Kilgore will probably be our starter. We will draft someone in round 2-4 to compete with him and provide depth.

I'm guessing our draft goes something like this:

1st - best offensive playmaker available
2nd - DL or RB (to replace J. Smith or Gore in a couple years)
3rd - WR
4th - OG
5th - CB

Originally posted by strickac:
We've put a lot of $ and three 1st rounders into the Oline. We've neglected drafting playmakers on offense for far too long. We have a mediocre offense because we didn't have WRs, not because we lacked a RG.

Could not agree more, the Niners need playmakers. Case in point the Niners would be so much better if they drafted Earl Thomas in round 1 instead of a right tackle. They could have gotten a right tackle in round 2 and the skill safety position in round 1.

WR/TE/DE/RB/FS/CB all skill positions. Guard can be had in round 2 on, unless it is the top guard like Decastro or Iupati, (round 1) then you wait. Lots of other centers and guards have been better than niner 2nd round center picks of Baas, Chilo Rachal, etc.
take the BPA
Op- See your own reason number 6 as to why Gaurd is unlikely in the first round.

All the ones that are worth the value at that pick are gone. If we take a gaurd at 30 that isnt named DeCastro or Glenn ( not happening) our GM has failed with his first round pick.

Now if we dont see a first rounder we want and we trade back into the second and get a gaurd+ picks thats a different story.

Round 1 has to be BPA or trade back and pick up an extra second or third rounder.
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thought this was interesting....

Eric Branch ‏ @Eric_BranchClose
History suggests the #49ers won't be selecting a guard with their first-round pick.

rather use the 1st on any of the following DT, OLB, CB, WR, RB, TE then a guard. Konz would be a nice exception because he is really a center and could slide over to take over for Goodwin but Branch brings up a very solid point, the selection of Iupati is one of only 8 1st round guards since 2000. DeCastro is likely the only 1st round talent with Glen possibly being another 1st round selection, I would probably take Glen if I had to select a lineman with the first...
Originally posted by overthemiddle:
BPA by all means and trade 5 - 7 draft picks, odds are they are not going to make this team.

Um, because our depth is so strong?
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