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mock draft 2.0

1. Colts- Andrew Luck QB

2. Redskins- RG3 QB

3. Vikings- Matt khalli


4. Rams- Justin Blackmon WR

5. Bucs- Morris Claiborne CB

6. Browns- Trent Richardson RB

7. Jaguars- Riley Reiff OT

8. Dolphins- Ryan Tannehill QB

9. Panthers- Fletcher Cox DT

10. Bills- Michael Floyd WR

11. Cheifs- Dontari Poe NT

12. Seahawks- Quinton Couples DE

13. Cardinals- David Decastro OG

14. Cowboys- Dre Kirkpatrick CB

15. Eagles- Luke Kuechly MLB

16. Jets- Melvin Ingram DE/OLB

17. Bengals- Stephen Gilmore CB

18. Chargers- Coutney Upshaw DE/OLB

19. Bears- Cordy Glenn OG

20. Titans- Janoris Jenkins CB

21. Bengals- Kendall Wright WR

22. Browns- Stephen Hill WR

23. Lions- Peter Konz C/G

24. Steelers- Don't'a Hightower MLB

25. Broncos- Jarel Worthy DT

** Trade

26. Colts- Coby Fleener TE

27. Patriots- Whitney Merciliius DE/OLB

28. Packers- Nick Perry DE/OLB

29. Ravens- Andre Branch DE/OLB


1st round : Alshon Jeffery WR-

I know this may not be a popular pick with some of you but he can be a very elite WR he comes into the draft and already has the best and can do 3 things at an ELITE level:

1. Body control

2. Hands

3. Jump ball/track it at its highest point and snatch it

That already screams red zone target. At 6 foot 3 to 6 foot 4 and at his length he will demand extra attention in the red zone and in between the 20's.

Moss is only a 1 year fixed and at 35 1 year removed from nfl here in 2010 he only had 80 yards in 10 games he is no guarantee

Manninham and crabtree are both solid WR however they aren't #1. Alshon consistently dominated the SEC and in the past bowl game racked up 164 yards in 1 half against a 1st round CB.

Last year against Alabama always known for having a top notch defense he racked up 127 yards and 2 TD

The dude can flat out ball

2nd round: Jared Crick DE- possible replacement for Justin Smith. He is relentless and has a lot of strength. He would've been a top 15 pick possibly if it weren't for injuries. In the 2009 and 2010 season he racked up a total of 17.5 sacks

3rd round: Brandon Washington OG- our future RG. Great size and has a lot of athleticism (finished near the top in combine in agility drills). Elite run blocker decent pass blocker He was the best G in his conference in 2010 and the team only gave up 15 sacks that year however the coach moved him to LT where he struggled against the elite competition hence saw his stock fell.

4th round: Cliff Harris CB- his stock will fall due to character concerns and his 40 time. However make no mistake his 4.68 40 time doesn't tell it all. He had 4 punt return Tds and is quick out of his cuts. He has unlimited potential and having carlos rogers. T- Brown, culliiver, Cox, and harris will give us one of the most talented and deep CB in the nfl. He also brings a lot of value as a returner

5th round: Brandon Lindsey OLB- solid depth pick. Other than Haralson we don't have much backup or depth at the OLB position

6th and 7th round: BPA camp bodies

i dont have us going RB because we have 3 solid players in Gore, Hunter, and jacobs getting a RB seems like a wasted pick especially with the overall talent in next years draft

I also dont have us going TE. We run with VD walker and peele all who are capable TEs. Next years TE class is better from a receiving standpoint and i think we pick up walkers replacement in next years draft
I think i would look to get a safety in the mix somewhere. The depth there is terrible. Maybe with that 3rd round pick sense Kilgore is supposed to be the answer at right guard. and if they sign a veteran back up then they might not een draft a guard. I'm 50/50 on Alshon. I don't like guys who look totally different in speed and size in off season workouts than he was during the season. Not sure which body he really plans on going forward with. Wouldn't hate the pick but really wouldn't love it either.
Too much on Jeffery has been negative. He has the body, he has the control, he has the hands and the hops and IMHO 40 time is WAY overrated. WAY! In football there is soeed and quickness. Truly rare athletes possess both. Speed mean down field threat. Quickness means separation. If I had to choose I'd take the kid with quickness because at least he can get open and be a threat running something other than a 9 route. If you have to question this with Jeffery take a look at his other quickness related scores. He will be an option. Folks, the 9ers can go so many ways with this draft that right now we are all just being armchair GM's treading water. There are alot of good players we will be able to take at #30. The one thing I do or would like to see us do is jump up in the 2nd and snag another early contributor.
There has been a fair amount of criticism on Alson's work ethic and speed. Sorry I don't have a link at this time.

I'd prefer someone who if Big and Fast, so they can get seperation.

Like the Crick pick - Do you think he'll be available for us in the 2nd?
i would throw my remote through my tv if we took f**king jeffrey, but then again im sure baalke wont draft a wr with questionable commitment to the game. jeffrey dropped to 213 lbs to trick everyone else into running a fast 40, his ass willl not play at 213 lbs
If we picked Alshon wouldn't that mean that he is the guy that Harbs and Trent liked so wouldn't we be ok with it. I trust their opinion over my own when it comes to evaluating talent. People knock Alshon alot, but he has all the stats to back up his play. Don't understand the weight thing??? Didn't Peterson play heavy in college as well - the guy Zona picked? I'm sure it's going to be a different situation...

I like the mock. I have alot of similiar guys in mine so I will have to change a couple of things.
Best Draft choice for us. First give Miami our first round for their 2 and 3 round picks because they want another first round. This is the sign if we sign a OT in Free Agency.
2nd: Mohamed Sanu WR. We need a WR and who better than for me the second best route runner in the draft and at 6'2" he will be great.
2nd: Trumaine Johnson CB. We have the best defense but our failure in 3rd down plays and CB coverage at times hurts us and Trumaine is the guy we need. He can also play FS but we don really need him for that. At 6'2" he can adapt greatly to the NFL and the tall WR. He would also be a good special teams edition for his early years.
3rd:Tyrone Crawford DE. Justin Smith is the best DE we have but he won't be with us forever so we need a DE and this guy will evolve into a good DE and with Justin Smith mentoring him we can see a future Justin Smith.
3rd:Demario Davis OLB: We need depth in OLB and this guy would be great to add to the best rush stopping defense and has the good speed to blitz with Aldon.
4th:Philip Blake C: We need to get a center that can replace Goodwin in 2 years or so and Blake was good snapping for RG3 and he would be good for Smith Or Caepernick.
5th: Tommy Streeter WR: Fast, Tall and good hands just what we need and two WR in the draft wouldn't hurt. He can adapt greatly to this NFL and all the passing going on.
6th: Ryan Miller OG: We can use a guard in this draft and not early in the rounds but late and with him also playing OT in college he is perfect for the Niners.
7th: Akiem Hicks DT: We need a DT to replace Sopoaga and this small school kid is the one to do it.

Our draft will not end there and knowing Trent Baalke he will at least take 3 or 4 FA that couldn't make it in the draft.
Marcus Dowtin ILB: The Chances of him going in the draft is slim and if he doesn't he has the speed to be put on special teams and replace Blake Contanzo.
Tramain Thomas FS: He can learn the ways of Dashon Goldson and possibly evolve into a starter or Special Teams is good for him.
Sean Cattouse SS: Our luck with C.J. Spillman in undrafted Free Agents points to another possible addition to our Special Teams. The Special team can never have to many good players and we need to replace some that might leave.
Keshawn Martin WR : With the luck that Giants had with Victor Cruz why not take a WR in undrafted Free Agents. Keshawn is a next level WR the niners could also test out.

This maybe alot of additions to the team but they will go through the practice squad and only those who make it in training camp will be taken in the final squad.
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