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Would you trade our 1 and 2 for DeCastro?

Would you trade our 1 and 2 for DeCastro?

Originally posted by schmons:
roster turnover is part of the game. i, in no way am saying we should trade up to get decastro, but if they did manage to get him, he would be signed to a 4-5 year contract and iupati is signed for another 3 years so there would be a few seasons before the money issue would be a problem

When a team trades up enough to where they have to sacrifice a 1st or 2nd round pick the future payroll is a huge factor. Not only would they then probably have the highest paid offensive line in the league, we have hurt ourselves by taking away our ability to draft a starter at another position with whatever pick we give up in the trade. This would be foolish considering we already have a young franchise caliber interior lineman on the roster, and the simple fact that there are a lot of guys out there who can play RG.
Would rather keep both picks, take BPA in the 1st round and take an offensive guard in Round 2 or 3 and have him compete with Kilgore.
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Would rather keep both picks, take BPA in the 1st round and take an offensive guard in Round 2 or 3 and have him compete with Kilgore.

I think I'm convinced.
Not for a o line man. For a play maker on offense, hellz to the yeaz!!!
Too much...there are some good looking OG maulers that are available late first and in the 2nd round. Parlay one of them with another top 60 pick and it would be more valuable to the long term health of the squad.
f**k no
If you bust out the Draft Calculator.......the 15th pick is worth 1050 pts, our 1st round 30 = 620 and 2nd 61 pick (It was 62 until the Saints lost theirs) = 292 Total = 912 might not get it done, but it's close.

Is David De Castro that much better than Zeitzer? I don't know that's a MadDog or OTC question but Harbaugh knows this guy in and out just like Fleener. And it would be a great way to solidify the line which I don't mind doing, but do you have to spend another 1st round pick on the line? The big question is how far will he fall in the 1st. You usually don't draft guards as high as we drafted Iupati so he could fall.

Pick 18 is worth 900 points which is the Chargers pick.........De Castro has been linked to Cinncinnati at 17?

I like the move if we can get him.......but this draft strength is 2nd / 3rd round guys. Do we want to give up a 2nd?
I think this is actually a good idea. That would give us young stud guards in Decastro and Iupati, as well as at the tackle position in Staley in Davis for years to come. Goodwin is fine for now at center as well. I think we are almost set at every position, we filled all of our pressing needs in free agency. I'm perfectly fine entering the year with some of the WR's that we have, with an addition of one rookie in Rounds 3-4 (if we did this trade) Our defense is set, and I'd look for us to add some DL Depth in rounds 3-4.

Rd 1-Decastro
Rd 3- Nick Toon
Rd 4- Jared Crick
Rd 5- OLB
Rd 6- S
Rd 7-S

I put two safetys at the end there, just in case one of them would pan out as a future starter
f**k no i dont want no communist on our team
Originally posted by okdkid:
Would I trade Coby Fleener and Doug Martin for DeCastro?

Don't agree Doug Martin is a 1st rounder. Coby Fleener and Lamar Miller/David Wilson

I would trade Crabtree to Dallas and get DeCastro
DeCastro's a heckuva player...but he's not worth our 1st two picks. We can get one of the top OG's by standing pat, or even trading out of the 1st rd to get another 2nd rd pick.
I'd trade a 2nd this year and a first next year [it will be low siince I believe we're going home with the Lombardi Trophy.]
Originally posted by 49erfrick:
I would trade Crabtree to Dallas and get DeCastro

nope, yungcrabs ain't going nowhere
Originally posted by pete98146:
Man!!!!! Iupati and DeCastro? Drool................

It's tempting but this move would be too expensive. It's much more realistic trading up into the mid second round to get Silatolu or Osemele.

This for sure
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