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Draft table or chart?

Been messing around with MS word, trying to make an entire draft chart. Every pick in every round in a table. Two, three, maybe four columns...something I can print out on draft day and write each selection in, leaving room for trades and whatever.
Was using this for the draft order:
Is there anything out there or can someone help me out with this?
  • buck
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You can cut and paste the list at into excel.
If you have Excel, I would use that. Easier to create a table. I like to add lining into it. So it has all black borders going through it.

Then I do from left to right, instead of top to bottom when printing it.
I like to add lining into it.
  • buck
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Great Blue North has a informative list of picks by team.

They also have the seven round draft order. It can also be copied and pasted into excel.
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