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MadDog's Big 253 Board- March 23rd Edition

Originally posted by mebemused:
MadDog great job as always. Much appreciated.

I was using the value board from and Kevin Zeitler was #36. After trying various WRs and Fleener at #30, it dawned on me that Zeitler at RG would make an immediate impact. Most importantly, he would give Smith the time to throw some of those 5 step drops to Moss and Manningham which would open up the run, and the underneath routes.. And he is a mailer in the run game, so we could punish on the run. Love that pick.

BTW, has Alameda Ta'amu NT around our 3rd round pick, while you have him off the board at #61. Another impact player as a rookie.

Josh Norman in the third. Really like your first 3 rounds! which works in conjunction with does a terrific job at providing good info for fans.

Zeitler really has impressed scouts this offseason, and is making that push up the board. Since the Niners have a giant hole at right guard, and I would argue center as well, this would make some sense, as he is a guy you can plug and play from the first practice. Few players in this draft have that ability right away.

As for Ta'Amu, talented large NT's don't last very long, especially with so many 3-4 teams out there. Ron Brace is an example of a guy who probably had third round talent being snatched earlier than expected due to the lack of solid draftable 3-4 NT's. I see the same thing with Ta'Amu.

I will be watching to hear how Norman runs coming up on Tuesday at Coastal Carolina's Pro-Day. He needs to rebound from a slow forty at the combine.
Originally posted by 5280High:
Much appreciated as always, one constuctive criticism would be puttnig Hill before Wright. Hills measurements are off the charts, but Wright was very impressive at his proday, is much more polished at this point in his routes, and breaks in & out of them on a dime. In my pretend GM opinion there just isnt enough film on the Hill showing things that are succesful at the NFL level to justify picking him over Wright that early.

Would definitly like the draft to fall that way cause I would dump my Fleener crush for Upshaw in a heartbeat and wave goodbye to Parys. But I dont see him or Barron lasting that long.

Convential wisdom would agree that Wright will be selected earlier than Hill. And, I tend to go back and forth on the matter.
The concerns for some, whether justified or unjustified, is that Wright may best fit as a slot receiver, and thus limits his value, compared to a guy out wide.

Just got a hunch this will be one of the surprises of the draft.
I dont know jack about college players, but you sure seem to have a lot of WRs going before 30, which seems odd only because the WRs didn't seem that impressive from a combine standpoint. None of them seem to have superior measurables (speed or size). So is your big board a result of talent or a general feeling that the league is starving for WRs? Do you think it's been influenced by all the Webzone talk about how we need a WR?

Thinking back the last few years, guys like Jackson, Crabtree and Bryant fell much further than expected and I dont remember there being a big run on wrs, ever. Anyway, just curious.
Its a pass happy league, Teams need WR's.
MD - I keep going back to you not drafting WR until 6th round. Are you anticipating a big contribution from Moss this year?
MadDog, I'm surprised that you have Mark Barron so low after all of the hype on him during the season. Plus I watched him play at least 3 games this past season and though it is difficult to watch db's on tv during games he always showed up making plays. What's the deal with him? Too slow?
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MadDog could the 49ers draft a DL to replace Soapaga or J. Smith in a few years?
Great job as always MadDog! Ready for the draft
Based on these Rankings, I would Love it if our first picks were:

1- Coby Fleener Stanford TE - Imagine everything we could do with 3TE sets with Moss running a GO/ Deep Slant/ Post route. anything from goal line formations, to 4 'reciever' formations, all with the same personnel. a nightmare for Defences
2- Brandon Brooks Ohio G - Could Challenge for RG from day one. fills our most pressing need.
3- Tommy Streeter Miami WR - Has the same raw skills as Moss. one year of tutiledge from #84 and we could have a dominant WR.
4- Robert Turbin Utah St RB - 3rd RB, good tandem with Hunter once Gore is no longer needed

PS- I would take a chance with Burfict in the 6th-7th, low risk high reward. Keep him on a short leash, let PW52 have a chance to mentor him. if it doesnt work he can hit the streets.
Would Love to trade up for lamar Miller in the second, that probably won't happen tho. I wonder how high Baalke and jim have trent richardson on their draft board, to the point as to where they draw the line on a number and are willing to trade up for a guy? Come draft day if somehow in a crazy weird draft trent richardson starts falling down to the mid teens i would hope we trade up, would you?

Based on the board, my late round steals would be:

4th Round:
Nate Potter, OT
Isaiah Pead, RB
Michael Egnew, TE

5th Round:
Billy Winn, DE
Andrew Datko, OT
Tank Carder, OLB

6th Round:
Malik Jackson, DE
Ron Brooks, CB
Tauren Poole, RB

7th Round:
Rishard Matthews, WR
Ryan Lindley, QB
I'm starting to get a good vibe about Kelechi Osemele - G out of Iowa State.

How else could the 49ers reward Alex Smith for coming back into the fold? Protection! The right side of San Francisco's OL left a lot of room for improvement, and this week (as well as last week) it comes in the form of 6'6", 333 lb Osemele, the RG of Iowa State. Osemele brings versatility (he played LT a good bit at IA State), and an amazing amount of atheltic ability and strength. He'll need to refine his technique, but he shows a lot of promise and would be a great pickup in the 2nd round.

He's a big body at 333lbs, he's athletic and he's a smart, well spoken kid.

Why not move back into the second round and get some extra picks?
Great job Maddog!

Only changes I would make for the 49ers IMHO:

1- Swap Zeitler for Coby Fleener in the 1st --> IMO there is a HUGE drop off after Decastro/Glenn/Konz, so much so that I would see this as a desperation move. We can get a guard of relatively equal caliber in the 2nd. Fleener is far and away the best TE and a great compliment to VD, so any hope to replace the vastly overrated Delanie Walker would be best to happen here. A luxury pick and a gamble, but such a great asset for this offense.

2- Swap Taamu for Brandon Brooks in the 2nd. After the offseason workouts/All Star Games, I honestly value Brandon Brooks on equal footing with Zeitler (with much more upside). Given or history, I have a feeling we will be drooling over developing that potential.

Swap Ballard for Derek Wolfe in the 4th- I see Derek Wolfe as the quintessential Harbaugh lunch pale guy and great player to groom as Justin Smith's eventual replacement.

I would be ecstatic with Josh Norman and Rishard Matthews and see both players as not only great value but great fits with the system.
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MadDog, one guy in Gil Brandt's Top 100 that aren't on your board at all:

94. Trevin Wade, CB, Arizona (NR)
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Originally posted by GORO:
MadDog could the 49ers draft a DL to replace Soapaga or J. Smith in a few years?

im thinking chandler jones from syracuse---he is about 270 but said to have the frame to add 20 lbs and be a 3-4 def end with some pass rush skills
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