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Top Punt Returners in the Draft?

Just read this article by MM concerning Punt Returners:

With Ginn not resigned and the desire to never see Williams ever field a punt again, I was wondering who some of the top returners are in this draft that are ready to go day 1? Haven't had much time to follow the draft this year so any info would be greatly appreciated!
I think we want a desean jackson type who can contribute as a WR and a returner
kendall wright?

i think he brings ST value as well as deep threat and slot WR
Im thinking maybe Brandon Boykin. I think they would rather add another corner with return skills and get a big wideout. Boykin would be perfect in Harbaugh's versatile offense. This guy can play wideout, db, and be an awesome kick returner. I really dont want Ginn after his dumbass comment " IF I would have played against the giants, we would have won the S.B."- a yeah no s**t Ginn, but your fragile ass gets hurt all the time, thanks. -Goodbye Ginn.
I like TJ Graham from NC State.

5'11", 188 lbs, 4.41 forty

He's not a huge body, but from what I've read, he's one of the better returners in this draft. Has some issues with dropping the ball, but could develop into a depth threat eventually.
where's LaRoy Vann?
TY Hilton!
Thanks guys, this gives me some more guys to look at.

I didn't know Kendall Wright was a returner as well!
joe adams is the best returner in draft, but i did read where he had a slight stroke in 2009--that is a bit scary
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Originally posted by vrabbit:
TY Hilton!

Yep, he'd be a good slot guy too

Originally posted by ChazBoner:
where's LaRoy Vann?

Devon Wylie is the most obvious choice for us, but Keshawn Martin (5'11", 188, 4.45) from Michigan St. is a vastly underrated WR/PR prospect that should be drafted on the second day (IMO). Patrick Edwards from Houston could be an option as a 6th/7th rounder/UDFA.
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Originally posted by valrod33:
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
where's LaRoy Vann?

oh man I remember that guy....wonder what happened to make him develop stone hands in a matter of weeks.
Joe Adams! YouTube his punt return vs Tennessee. Dude's got skills.
One more for Joe Adams. Love the guy if we can get him in the 3rd. He'd be a great slot receiver too.
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