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Oregon Ducks WR Lavasier Tuinei

Your thoughts? I'd love to get him. I'm not sure where he's projected to go?
draftscout has him at 391 overall
I'm more interested in the author of that article.
damn it. The problem with all these highlight reals is that no player really looks better than any other. all of them are scoring TD's. What I want to know is how they looked in games, cuz highlight reels, everyone is a super star.
UDFA at best.
I started a thread with him and Danny Coale as a couple of my late round sleepers or undrafted players. I like the potential with a low risk high reward for him.
Looks great BUT like all highlight reels they mostly show a player's best moments
Originally posted by OregonNiner87:
I'm more interested in the author of that article.

2nd that.
Haha I used to work in the Casanova center (2nd film)... That piano was paid by Phil Knight so that Johnathan Stewart could play after games and practices while people took their hot and cold ice baths. Put a tip jar out when he played. LT isn't that great but he did come up big in the Wisconsin game. His 40 times isn't bad considering he is 6'5. Maybe undrafted and practice squad project. Kenny Rowe and Masoli didn't last long in 9er camp.
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